Gluten Free Veggie Burger

As always, I was trying to plan ahead and think of a meal that I could easily travel with for a family affair. Food allergies really do add to pretty much anything you want to do in life and some days I am just plain over it! However, I sucked it up and tried to create something that I could take for a family dinner celebrating my cousin's confirmation.

Thoughts that ran through my mind - the weather was getting nicer and I was sort of craving summer-like food. My aunt would likely make something on the grill to take advantage of the extra "kitchen space" and the nicer weather. I needed something easy to make and not too time consuming as well as something that would travel well.

I decided to try and make my first ever veggie burger without GRAINS!I steamed some cauliflower and sweet potatoes. While waiting for those I grated some carrots, ginger, celery, and garlic. I added some seasonings - pretty much whatever I could find within the house (cumin, pepper, fennel, curry, cinnamon, red pepper, etc.). I mixed in some honey and called it a day. I mashed in the steamed cauliflower and sweet potato. Letting the mixture cool before trying to make patties and then dividing the patties into my to-go ware. fingers are crossed that these burgers work out.

I packed some greens, cilantro, kimchii, hot sauce, mustard, and nori sheets for the burgers to be complete.

The smell was making me a little nervous but I do love nori and my kimchii so I figured they would save me even if the burger wasn't a winner.
I took out a sheet of nori, carefully placed the veggie burger on and then piled up the toppings! The rolling of the wrap was the difficult part, but I made it work.

The taste was much better than the smell and the texture held up just fine! I was actually really grateful to have some of these leftover for the week's lunches! God knows how much I hate getting up an extra 20-30 minutes a day just to make my breakfast and lunch to go!!


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