Double Tree by Hilton, King of Prussia Accommodating Food Allergies

Gearing up for a full two-day forum at the Double Tree by Hilton in King of Pussia, PA - I choose to call the venue and see what they could provide for those of us with allergies. While they made note that there would plenty of gluten free and vegan options, there was slim to no gluten free and vegan options -nor, was there anything not coated in oil.

The executive chef, Owen, took details of all of my food allergies and preferences and said to simply not worry, they would prepare something tasty and safe for me to eat.

The first day of the forum, I went and found the restaurant manager to point me in the right direction to Owen. Once found, I waited a god twenty minutes before my food was ready - but it finally did come out and it was a warm plate of steamed vegetables.

Problem here - the serving size was just way too small. I left feeling very hungry. The dish was served with a small bowl of rice, but I don't care for rice...

The second day of the forum came and I thought I would give it a second try. I requested some additional vegetables this time around.

I picked at the rice and was disappointed that the vegetables had been coated in oil this time around.

What is my overall thought on the Double Tree? While their portions are significantly too small, they do go above and beyond to accommodate and the day snacks always had the option of fresh fruit!


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