HoneyGrow, Philadelphia PA

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to host a Global Women's Leadership Forum. Knowing that for once, I was hosting for a women-dominated group, I wanted to cater something out of the usual and more healthy. Also, there was a selfish part of me that actually wanted to be able to eat this forum food.

I did some research and noticed that HoneyGrow is moving rather close to our headquarters so why not allow them the opportunity to pitch their offerings to us and provide them some marketing to their new neighborhood as well. 

For breakfast, we went with the Honeybar. Which is basically a build your own parfait bar. We offered our guest fresh cut fruit (which is what I indulged on) with their choice of toppings (maple yogurt, granola, honey, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, etc). This  option was received rather well by the attendees and was even noted as fulfilling. 

For our morning break we choose to offer the Kale'atta (kale, bananas, pineapple, and mint) smoothie. With the unwelcoming green color, we had to do some encouraging for taste tests, but once your attendees tried the smoothie, they were hooked. Everyone was asking for more!

Lunch was a choice of lemon miso or red curry stir fry dishes. Again, a huge hit - as many of our guests went back for seconds. 

Lastly, our afternoon snack was a pear and cucumber smoothie. This smoothie was the least favorite of the day, but still people enjoyed it. 

Overall, while I took a risk offering this healthier alternative to our normal every day forum food, the audience seemed grateful for the change and the opportunity to explore. 

HoneyGrow was rather easy to work with and staff was knowledgeable. I will likely consider HoneyGrow for future events. 


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