Down To Earth Cafe, Perkasie, PA

While my initial thought when I found myself unexpectedly spending the night in Perkasie, PA was, where am I going to find food here? I'm much more comfortable when I am in locations that are more "city-like". I tend to find more vegan and gluten free options. Regardless, I found myself in Perkasie so I was determined to find something to eat because I was rather hungry at this point.

I searched my trusty app - Find Me GF - and found Down To Earth Cafe. Nick, being so easy-going, said we should go, check it out and if you do not feel comfortable, we move on.

Upon arrival, I quickly started asking the staff for assistance - what can you provide that is both gluten free and vegan? Should I be worried about contamination? While I was a bit worried, as their menu did include a number of gluten-filled foods and their prep area appeared rather small, the staff seamed pretty confident that they could deliver a non-contaminated gluten free and vegan meal.

I was given the option to have either a gf bagel with nutella (which I do not care for) or a fig jam or a quinoa and sweet potato vegan burger. I opted for the vegan burger with everything on it.

Nick and I moved outdoors to enjoy the great sunshine! The wait time was so-so, but than again, maybe it was because at this point I was starving! When the plates arrived, my dish was served with a side of pasta salad and I quickly asked, "is this also gluten free?". Of course it was not, but it gave the server the time to get me a clean dish with a side of potato salad, which was not vegan - so there was two mess ups that made me a bit nervous on how I would be feeling after this meal.

Again, at this point, I was so hungry I was going to eat it no matter what.

The verdict, presentation was ok. The burger it's self was too difficult to it in it's entire form, I resorted to deconstructing the meal. The burger was decent, full of flavor - but left me looking for more condiments, in particular more of the "humus" - which ultimately looked like smashed avocado to me. Anyhow, the food was alright the pricing was high and I am still nervous on how cautious they are on not contaminating gluten free meals.

Will I return? Perhaps. Maybe next time I should stick with a smoothie to be a bit more cautious.

I also found their food to be a bit on the expensive side and not worth the 20.00+ we spent.


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