Le Virtu, Gluten Free Italian

The boyfriend and I decided we could use a nice night out on the town to celebrate our 1-year anniversary.

I went through my hand-dandy list of gluten free restaurants that I would like to try. I had a hard time picking just what I wanted. A couple of the locations I was hopeful for had decided to close an extra day for the Labor Day Holiday.

For some reason or another, I knew I was craving some good old-fashioned Italian pasta. It had to have been a good year or so since I have had some authentic Italian food, and being 50% Italian, it was imperative that I correct this as soon as possible. I had already been to Giorgio's so I decided to try something new. Le Virtu has been getting a lot of attention recently, so I decided why not see what all the hype was about.

We arrived much earlier into the city than we had anticipated - you really can't time traffic! Thankfully, Le Virtu was able to accommodate and take us in early with no problem at all. As we walked into the restaurant I wanted to desperately sit outside, but Nick pleaded that it was still 90 degrees at 6:30 at night. He won the battle and we sat inside in the cozy, somewhat romantic dinning area.

The hostess provided us with some menus and when the server arrived, I quickly notified him of my allergies. The server was great throughout the entire night, constantly remembering the gluten allergy and making every accommodation possible.

Nick and I decided to share the Lamb Skewers with the Mint Pesto - which we really couldn't decided between that and the lamb sausage but with the waiters recommendation, which I always enjoy getting, we went with the skewers.

I found the skewers to have a bit too much fat on them and the pesto was lacking that "BAM" basil pesto flavor. I did use the decorative lemon to flavor the meat. Would I get again, probably not - but they were not horrible.

Next up, I couldn't decided between two dishes so I order both in an appetizer portion. While the portions where not much smaller than Nick's full size portion, my price was pretty much full price - so I should have just selected one item and enjoyed it. Oh well, this way I got to try even more!

I went with the lamb shoulder ragu - because of classic Italian red sauce and I do LOVE lamb! To be honest, the dish was okay, the pasta was cooked al-dente so win-win there. The sauce was a bit on the sweeter side and the meat was a bit dry.

The more enjoyed dish of the evening was the house-made sausage and truffle sauce. This dish was so creamy and flavorful - I could have ate it all night long! I promised Nick that I would save him a bite of each to try and I had a hard time saving some for him - whoops!

Nick ordered the hand-pulled pasta with extra virgin olive oil and pecorino. I was surprised that he actually enjoyed it. He did comment on how small the portion size was for the price - but the pasta was home-made.

All-in-all, the night was enjoyed. The food was okay, the service was great would we go back? Yes, but it is not on our "favorites" list.

Much appreciated that Le Virtu does offer gluten free pasta to their guests!


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