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Homemade Almond Butter Made In A Vitamix

Every time I go into a store and pickup a nut/seed butter and begin to read all the added ingredients, I grow sick.

Those that are pure nut/seed butters can cost you an arm-and-a-leg - which is worth it, as you do get what you pay for.

Rather than purchase overly-processed store bought items, I try to make as much as I can at home. This is where my homemade almond butter journey begins.

I first started this journey with a hunt to find almonds in bulk.

 Check. Almonds, in shell, purchased at a local farmers market and at a decent price.

Now, to crack open all these almonds.....

Check. The family pitched in and we made it a nice bonding experience. There was only one nut cracker causality. :(

Now, this is where the process gets fun. I took my Vitamix, dumped in all of my almonds, and turned the Vitamix on full-blast. I let it run for a couple seconds, using the tamper to push the nuts down and then I added a touch of honey and cinnamon. I continued to let the Vitamix blend for an additio…

Finding ones self


Han Dynasty is a gluten free safe heaven!!

I have been wanting to try the hyped-up Han Dynasty for some time now and I found the perfect opportunity, New Year's Eve.

I had my twin and younger sister coming in with their significant others and we already determined that we would be enjoying the 2015 countdown to some salsa dancing at Cuba Libre  I didn't feel like forking out a $100+ just to enjoy a New Year's dinner and I didn't want to be too far from Cuba Libre - so I went with good-old reliable Han Dynasty. I made my reservation for 6 rather easily and we found front row parking as well!

Even though the restaurant was busy (which is expected for New Year's Eve), we were seated on time and waited on with attention and care. There was not one moment where we felt rushed.

Now, because I was eating with a group and we decided we wanted to try a little bit of everything, I had to go non-vegan this night... but honestly, it was worth it and some of my favorite dishes were the fish and meat ones.

Note, their ta…

Raw Can Roll, Wayne PA Adding Cooked Foods

I have been to Raw Can Roll a handful of times - but this time I went to see what all the new buzz was about - that's right, the RAW, vegan restaurant has added cooked meals to their menu. We all know their raw food is good, but can the raw foodists cook?

We started with the famous hummus and guacamole. The hummus is always enjoyable - smooth and filling - I just wish they would offer flavor varieties (maybe roasted red pepper, I mean, just a suggestion... wink, wink.).

The guacamole, was fresh as always and full of flavor. Nick never cares for guacamole and the good sport that he is, he gave it a try and said...well, it is fresh and it is one of the better guacamole dishes I have had. This might not seem like it, but this is a true compliment for Raw Can Roll.

You can see Nick had some fun with his food and started to create "sandwiches" with the raw crackers and hummus.

For our cooked dishes, Nick went with the BBQ Bowl. He really enjoyed everything about this dish - NOT…