Han Dynasty is a gluten free safe heaven!!

I have been wanting to try the hyped-up Han Dynasty for some time now and I found the perfect opportunity, New Year's Eve.

I had my twin and younger sister coming in with their significant others and we already determined that we would be enjoying the 2015 countdown to some salsa dancing at Cuba Libre  I didn't feel like forking out a $100+ just to enjoy a New Year's dinner and I didn't want to be too far from Cuba Libre - so I went with good-old reliable Han Dynasty. I made my reservation for 6 rather easily and we found front row parking as well!

Even though the restaurant was busy (which is expected for New Year's Eve), we were seated on time and waited on with attention and care. There was not one moment where we felt rushed.

Now, because I was eating with a group and we decided we wanted to try a little bit of everything, I had to go non-vegan this night... but honestly, it was worth it and some of my favorite dishes were the fish and meat ones.

Note, their tasting menu (typically for a party of 8 or more) can be ordered from a price range of $20-30. We choose to go with the $25.00 price range and get the mid-range quality of meats and fish.

The dinner started with the famous spicy cucumbers. The first bite was not too overwhelmingly spicy, but as you continue to nibble on these little guys, you do get the pockets of heat!

The cucumbers actually ended up on pretty much everyone's favorite list, but no worries, there was no need to fight over them, as we were given two huge portions to share with the group!

Next we started getting an array of dishes and to be honest, I have to guess on what was which menu item, as I found myself at one point in time ignoring the server and just drooling over the dishes!

We tried the Beef and Tripe in Chili Oil - not a huge table favorite. The girls did not care for it and two out of the three boys enjoyed it, but never marked it as one of their favorites.

I was a little afraid that being gluten free and requesting an entire tasting menu be gluten free, that we would miss out on the famous noodle dishes, but Han did not fail me - we were brought the Dan Dan noodles modified with rice noodles and pork tidbits on the side so that I could enjoy the gluten free Dan Dan noodles.

Our tables was given two jumbo bowls of Dan Dan noodles and there was almost a fight over who got to finish them, the fight was settled by the fact that some of the participants had filled up on everything else, that there was just not enough room to enjoy anymore food.

The Dan Dan noodles are full or flavor with a bit of heat. The heat rating is a 6 and that is probably accurate.. because some bites are a bit more spicier than others.

We had the Dry Pot Style Chicken, with a heat rating of 10. I did not agree that this was our spiciest dish, but it was enjoyed! It was a sweet spicy!

Next we tried the Chicken as a Dry Pepper Style. This dish had a heat rating of 8. It was good and flavor was decent, but the table agreed, there was too many dry peppers - we either wanted them to remove some of the peppers or crush them up more so you were not biting into mouthfuls of dry peppers.

Additionally we had the Cumin Style Chicken with a heat rating of 7. Funny enough, I found this to be one of the more spicier dishes. So maybe the heat ratings are just guidelines? Or perhaps the waiter was being kind to our participants that couldn't handle the heat. I on the other hand, I welcome to heat! I love when you bite into something and the spice level makes you teary-eyed.

We enjoyed some sort of Lamb dish, it was suppose to be the spiciest but we found other dishes to have a heavier spice level. This was 2 out of the 6 guests favorite...I wish I could remember which dish it was!!

For the fish dishes we enjoyed a Salt and Pepper Style Shrimp with a heat rating of  1. While this dish did not pack a punch, for some it was too spicy, but for the majority of the table, it was listed as one of the favorites and did not make it to the leftovers bag.  We had the Hot Sauce Style Fish, with a heat rating of 7. This one, I am pretty sure this was on everyone's favorite list!

Lastly we had a side of white rice, cooked to perfection and a great combat for the heat as well as the green beans. I didn't LOVE the green beans but the remainder of the table enjoyed them!

The night was enjoyed and everyone walked away satisfied and planning their next visit!

Thanks HAN!! I am looking forward to coming back and trying a 100% gluten free and VEGAN dinner!


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