Raw Can Roll, Wayne PA Adding Cooked Foods

I have been to Raw Can Roll a handful of times - but this time I went to see what all the new buzz was about - that's right, the RAW, vegan restaurant has added cooked meals to their menu. We all know their raw food is good, but can the raw foodists cook?

We started with the famous hummus and guacamole. The hummus is always enjoyable - smooth and filling - I just wish they would offer flavor varieties (maybe roasted red pepper, I mean, just a suggestion... wink, wink.).

The guacamole, was fresh as always and full of flavor. Nick never cares for guacamole and the good sport that he is, he gave it a try and said...well, it is fresh and it is one of the better guacamole dishes I have had. This might not seem like it, but this is a true compliment for Raw Can Roll.

You can see Nick had some fun with his food and started to create "sandwiches" with the raw crackers and hummus.

For our cooked dishes, Nick went with the BBQ Bowl. He really enjoyed everything about this dish - NOTE THIS IS COMING FOR A PICKY MEAT EATER! Additionally, he noted that the portion sizes are large, filling, and fresh. The only complaints from this food-critic is that there was not enough of the BBQ sauce and he, remind you is a picky eater, does not care for sweet potatoes.

I went with the Macrobiotic bowl - What called me to this dish? Without a doubt, the sweet potatoes and seaweed. First bite in, I could taste the coconut oil on the sweet potatoes, the rice was cooked to perfection - but I felt like the dish was lacking the flavor I had hoped for. Maybe we need a hot-sauce and tahnini dressing for this dish?! Furthermore, I was a bit disappointed that the seaweed was more of an accent piece than actually incorporated into the dish. All in all, the dish was not bad - I did finish my plate - I just don't think I would order it again...

For our juice portion, because let's be real, you can't go into Raw Can Roll and not get a juice or smoothie! Nick choose the Tutti Fruitti (Strawberry, Banana, and Apple juice) - which he quickly became in love with. I am pretty sure, I would be safe to say that the Tutti Frutti was Nick's favorite part of the meal.

I asked to try the most popular shake, the Peanut Butter Cup. I have to say, it was filling and delicious! Maybe too filling to try after the appetizer and the full meal - but heck, you only live once!

My recap of Raw Can Roll is as follows - their juices and smoothies are great! A little expensive, but let me remind you this food is local, fresh, and made to order! The price is worth it!

The raw food is good - I mean obviously, because they seem to have a strong clientele. The cooked food, I would like to see them expand on the options and have a bit more sauce and flavor to their dishes. BUT if you are that person that typically likes their food a bit more on the mild side, then Raw Can Roll has you covered!




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