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Raw Almond Butter


Banana Whip Perfection

I am beyond obsessed with Banana Whips! Honestly, they make for a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Banana Whips taste just like ice cream - and if you don't like bananas or the typical banana-flavor, you are in luck because you can't taste the banana at all!

These babies, are 100% customizable. You can add carob, berries, pineapple, mangoes, beets, mint, anything and everything you enjoy about ice cream without the guilt!

I feel that I have finally perfected the recipe, although I do like to try new things and switch the flavors up here and there...I find my body / digestive system is taking very well to banana whips so I have had plenty of opportunities to practice!

I pull out the Vitamix, toss some chopped ginger in the bottom (this way it has time to puree) - next, I move onto the cranberries and a piece or two of mango, then about three frozen bananas, cinnamon, and carob powder -- Tada, that is it!

Now turn the Vitamix on and use the tamper to push everything down. Once …

Simply Shabu

Simply Shabu is the one and only hot pot in Philadelphia! I had never been to a hot pot before and I wasn't entirely sure how they worked, but I thought it would make for an interesting adventure! Upon arrival, I did my research and double checked they could accommodate gluten free and I was impressed to hear that more than 95% of their menu was naturally gluten free!

When we arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff and seated early! We ordered a couple of appetizers and a pot of tea to share with the table. The tea was okay - not sure what type of tea it was, but it wasn't a table favorite and I found it odd, they filled out classes and then removed the tea pot from the table - I like
to have control over my own hot tea, thank you very much!

After looking at the many of options on the menu, I decided to go with some a' la carte options.
I went with the spicy broth, vegetable bowl (substituting out the corn and mushrooms), seaweed, daikon, taro, and lotus root.

Once …

Cooking with P.S and Co Philadelphia

Since P.S and Co opened it's doors back in the spring of 2014 - I have had my eye on this place.

I have tried to drag just about anyone into the city with me - but I had no luck - life got busy and I had to just put it to the back burner for now. Then came along my birthday and it happened to fall on one of P.S and Co's dinner nights - however, Nick informed me that we could definitely go, as it was my birthday and whatever I wanted, he would gladly oblige, but he made it very clear that he would go, but would not eat the dinner. His reasoning you ask, simple answer - there is no meat.

Needless to say, the birthday dinner at the long-awaited P.S and Co became the wait-even-longer for the P.S and Co experience. I kept on hunting for an excuse to drag someone with me and then came along noodles and dumplings cooking class - hmmm....sneaky me... I immediately think, Nick might actually go for this one - two of his favorite dishes, noodles + dumplings, I am pretty sure I can sell h…