Cooking with P.S and Co Philadelphia

Since P.S and Co opened it's doors back in the spring of 2014 - I have had my eye on this place.

I have tried to drag just about anyone into the city with me - but I had no luck - life got busy and I had to just put it to the back burner for now. Then came along my birthday and it happened to fall on one of P.S and Co's dinner nights - however, Nick informed me that we could definitely go, as it was my birthday and whatever I wanted, he would gladly oblige, but he made it very clear that he would go, but would not eat the dinner. His reasoning you ask, simple answer - there is no meat.

Needless to say, the birthday dinner at the long-awaited P.S and Co became the wait-even-longer for the P.S and Co experience. I kept on hunting for an excuse to drag someone with me and then came along noodles and dumplings cooking class - hmmm....sneaky me... I immediately think, Nick might actually go for this one - two of his favorite dishes, noodles + dumplings, I am pretty sure I can sell him on this one. Just in case that doesn't work, I have looped in a good friend to attend and BOOM - I won, everyone was in - we were scheduled to attend the Noodles and Dumplings Cooking class at the long awaited P.S and Co.

The day has arrived - will I find myself, as usual, very high-hoped to only be let down by unhealthy and tasteless food? Come join me for journey with P.S and Co to find out if they are worth the hype or not.

We arrived slightly early for our scheduled class, so we just took our time finding parking (oh Philly parking - how I have a love, hate...oh wait... just a hate relationship with you) and then meandered throughout the store checking out their to-go offerings, fresh pressed juices, and homemade spices. The space has a welcoming industrial-like feeling to it with a friendly staff!

Once our class was setup, we found our way to the table and welcomed the offering of a warm beverage, as they seem to keep the space on the slightly cold side.

Now, we knew we had signed up for noodles and dumplings, but what we did not know was exactly what we would be making - and I was still a little nervous to see how Nick would handle the 100% gluten free and plant-based menu.

Here goes nothing - we are diving right into Dan Dan noodles - which I LOVE! Andrea took us through each step and welcomed any questions throughout the process. The entire cooking class was around the theme of "You can do this, everyone here can find the time to make healthy and delicious meals". Which is true, with a little prep work and creativity - everyone has the power to make their own beloved food. The Dan Dan noodles hold a nice spice in the back of your throat but the creamy tahini slowly masks the
spice and adds another flavor profile to the dish.

Moving on to our next noodle dish, Cilantro Noodle Salad. This dish was a cold brown rice noodle salad and I have to say, although I couldn't pick out a favorite dish of the day, later
that night I was craving the light freshness of this dish and telling myself that I could probably eat it every day! I''m sure the house made caramelized tofu was part of that love... adding another project to the diy list!

Finally, we made it to the Vegetable Dumplings that Nick was long awaiting. The filing from the dumplings was recycled from the Cilantro Noodles, making it easy to meal prep for your weeks!

While the dumplings did exactly what I thought they would, being a brown rice wrap, the bottoms fell apart - but I think I work on this a tweek it a bit... either way, the group LOVED the dumplings and began brainstorming some additional dumpling ideas. Side note, the dumplings where not served with a sauce, we were on the creative side and soaked up the last of the Dan Dan Noodle sauce - perfect accompaniment.

Just when I thought we had completed our cooking class, we were moving onto some additional favorite comfort foods of mine, Basil Pesto, Lasagna, and Mac and Cheese.

The Basil Pesto consisted mainly of pine nuts and basil, but I felt it need more. Perhaps the missing component of the pesto dish was some additional garlic or maybe it was that it was missing the acidic aspect of this dish - where was the lemon? However, once the Arrabbiatta sauce was added ,I was a happy camper! I can't wait to try making this dish when tomatoes are in season!

Lastly, due to timing, we skipped over the lasagna and went right into the Mac and Cheese demo. The Mac and Cheese was made of the three main vegan Mac and Cheese variations: Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, and Cashews. The dish was not very mac and cheese tasting, but it was still held a special place in each of our hearts. I do recall later that night, on a trip to Capogiro's, a couple of us started digging into our award-winning gelato and wishing it was P.S and Co's Mac and Cheese instead.

The overall experience was wonderful. While I wish it would have been a bit more hands-on, it was a lovely setup, with a great group of participants and the tastings made it all worth it - although, I wish there would have been either larger tastings or a couple take homes.

Can't wait to return to P.S and Co, but in the meantime, Nick and I will be cooking up a storm making some dumplings!


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