Bistro St. Tropez: A Food Allergy's Most Accommodating Philadelphia Restaurant

As someone who lives with a number of highly sensitive food allergies, it can be terrifying to have to attend events hosted by others. This past weekend, I fell into one of those traps- I had accepted to attend a bachelorette party for a good friend that I have known since grade-school.

When the restaurant of choice was announced, I read the invitation, "Bistro St. Tropez, who? what? when? where? why?" Even though I consider myself a bit of an expert on the Philadelphia restaurant scene, and prior to this invite, I had never heard of Bistro St. Tropez - which in my mind was an equivalent to trouble!

I quickly Googled "Bistro St. Tropez" and read some reviews, researched the menu and did all the digging I possibly could.

Since it was late at night, I decided to send the restaurant a Facebook message to see if they would be able to accommodate my food allergies, or would it be alright if I brought something?

While I had to do a phone follow up call, I could tell this experience was sure going to be a special one at that!

The event manager had read the message and was taking the time to speak with her head chef Patrice. She then followed up with, "we really don't want to provide you a simple dish you can make at home, we want to provide you with an experience, and a memorable one at that". My heart melt - we are a large and potentially a little chaotic of a group coming into your establishment and you are taking the time to ensure I have an outstanding experience. Truly touched.

Anyhow, enough heart-felt here. The day of the dinner, the chef himself called me multiple times to discuss what he was thinking and to ensure I would be alright with each ingredient as well as each cooking method.

Upon arrival - the chef came out and asked which attendee was Nicole, "that would be me!" and he quickly reassured me that everything was set for tonight and that I was not to worry.

When the dishes came out, mine was served first and then the remainder of the group was served around my plate and never over my plate, in efforts to avoid cross-contamination. More bonus points for Bistro St. Tropez!

For the true test, how was the taste? It was good - the rice was cooked with a little crunch but still had that creaminess to it. I could take the fresh kale and basil and truly enjoyed the touch of spice!

While words can not do my appreciation justice, Bistro St. Tropez, you officially have a new fan in the house - expect to see me again to uncover another fabulous mystery, allergy-free meal by your finest chef in the Philadelphia area.

P.S the restaurant is a little hard to location, but the maze is worth the service, food, and the amazing view of the river.


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