Traveling for Work on a Gluten Free Vegan Diet is Not Impossible

While traveling with food allergies might be a pain - it is not impossible.

Here is an example of my most recent work travels

Location, Inner Harbor, MD at the beautiful Gaylord Convention Center.

Breakfast, I bulked up on fruit and tea! There was fresh cut fruit at the beginning of the buffet stations, I made sure I was there EARLY and was one of the first to grab the fruit. While I really do not make it a habit to combine melons with any other fruits, a girl has to eat!

Additionally, for breakfast, I actually "spoiled" myself and had some roasted potatoes with hot sauce and chives. I don't typically start my day with potatoes, as they tend to wear me down, but again, a girls got to eat!

The best part about the tea stations was that there was always fresh lemon and I could still start my day with a cup of warm lemon water. Then, as I brought to-go containers, I was able to eat my breakfast at a later time... I know, I looked like a homeless girl scrounging for food - but I know what makes me feel good and what upsets my stomach and when breakfast is only offered at certain times, you need to get creative and not worry what others might think.

Break Stations, for the most part, I avoided these snack sessions. For one, I didn't need the additional food and it was typically not a GF-Vegan friendly offering. However, I must say, the one day, they did provide a green juice, which I enjoyed and found myself annoyed they hadn't been offering the green juice for breakfasts.

Lunch, lunch varied slightly from day-to-day but for the most part there was greens of some sort and then grilled / sauteed vegetables. While I would have preferred steamed vegetables, I can't be too choosy. I would ask the waitstaff to bring me some mustard and hot sauce to add a little flavor to the dish

Afternoon Break Stations, I LOVED these stations - this is where I would bulk up on fruit (oranges, apples, pears, bananas).

Dinner, Dinner I skipped their offerings and stuck to a fruit salad or oatmeal in my room

Keep in mind, when you have to eat buffet, try to be one of the first ones there!!!

While my stomach was not the happiest it has ever been - there was food for me to eat and I did survive!


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