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Cork & Cap Cork Factory, Lancaster PA

I attended a wedding for a long-time friend of mine this past holiday weekend. The selected venue was the Cork Factory, in Lancaster, PA.

With most social events, I dread the food options, or the lack there of.
The reception started with a cocktail hour, that of which, because I was one of the first in line, I felt confident enough to indulge a little (vegetable sticks, fruit, tea, etc).

Then dinner came along and I was given a gluten free and vegan salad - while it was extremely PLAIN - it did the job.

The main course came out and I have to say, at first glance, it was much better than I anticipated. The taste, the taste was on the bland side - but it was gluten-free and vegan!

I was able to enjoy the sorbet in between dishes as well as, when the remainder of the guests enjoyed their cake and cookies, I was given a personal sorbet dessert.

I really appreciated the attention
to detail and the ease of eating!

I will definitely check the restaurant out on my own time - as they are clearl…

Founding Farmers, DC does Gluten Free

How exciting, the little sister is all done with College and ready to move into the Big-Girl world! I couldn't be more proud of her!

I took a day off from work to help her get situated with the new area, meet-and-greet her new coworkers and start looking for an "affordable" place to live.

I figured I would just wing lunch, as I was pretty sure 95% of D.C's restaurants would be able to accommodate at least my gluten free needs if not my vegan ways as well.

As we were in the city, I asked for a couple of recommendations and the winning vote when to Founding Farmers.

We got there pretty early for lunch, closer to 11 and thought we would be okay. They quoted us a 45-minute wait so, we made ourselves comfy and just hung out - enjoyed one another's company.

It was only about 20, maybe 30 minutes and our party was called to be seated. Score!

The waiter came over, introduced himself and I quickly asked about gluten-free option on their meatless section. The waiter was, i…

Harrison's Wine Grill and Catering Does Gluten Free and Vegan

Believe it or not, the final baby in the family is no longer a baby - she has officially graduated from PSU this past weekend with her Bachelore's in Business. I couldn't be more proud of her!

Of course we had to celebrate! I did some google searching and fingers were crossed (even my toes) to try and find a restaurant that was not already booked.

Lucky us, her graduation day was on Sunday morning so most of the festivities occurred the day before.

I did find a locally sources restaurant, not too far away that seemed to have some good reviews, Harrison's Wine Grill & Catering. Making reservations was a breeze!

Now, how easy would it be to get something other than plain steamed vegetables here?!

I made a point to contact the event coordinator, Angela, personally. We had a brief phone discussion and then a follow up email to confirm she would be able to provide something that was very little oil, had a protein, was gluten free, vegan, corn free, and oh mushroom free.