Founding Farmers, DC does Gluten Free

How exciting, the little sister is all done with College and ready to move into the Big-Girl world! I couldn't be more proud of her!

I took a day off from work to help her get situated with the new area, meet-and-greet her new coworkers and start looking for an "affordable" place to live.

I figured I would just wing lunch, as I was pretty sure 95% of D.C's restaurants would be able to accommodate at least my gluten free needs if not my vegan ways as well.

As we were in the city, I asked for a couple of recommendations and the winning vote when to Founding Farmers.

We got there pretty early for lunch, closer to 11 and thought we would be okay. They quoted us a 45-minute wait so, we made ourselves comfy and just hung out - enjoyed one another's company.

It was only about 20, maybe 30 minutes and our party was called to be seated. Score!

The waiter came over, introduced himself and I quickly asked about gluten-free option on their meatless section. The waiter was, in my opinion, somewhat rude on this subject and did not want to discuss options with the chef. Finally, after I nicely asked about 10 times, he asked the chef what he would be willing to do. There was clearly no room to "play" with the menu here and for the chef to show his / her true talents - what a shame.

He greed to make the cauliflower steak with a side of the smoked tofu (with a $4.00 up-charge).

While the taste was okay - the smokey broccolini was probably my favorite. The tofu was an extremely small portion, especially considering they charged me an additional $4.00 - and then you have the cauliflower, which I considered to be a very SMALL portion for a meal and I was disappointed in the taste. By the end of the meal, I felt like I was just eating mush.

I have made cauliflower steak a number of times and this was just not the way to do so. I also ordered an over-priced fermented vegetable dish which somehow managed to only arrive at my table after all the other dishes had been completed (note, I had to ask about the pickled vegetables a good five times).

Overall, the place is over-priced, which I wouldn't mind paying if the taste and service were up to par.
What a shame - a farm-to-table let down.


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