Harrison's Wine Grill and Catering Does Gluten Free and Vegan

Believe it or not, the final baby in the family is no longer a baby - she has officially graduated from PSU this past weekend with her Bachelore's in Business. I couldn't be more proud of her!

Of course we had to celebrate! I did some google searching and fingers were crossed (even my toes) to try and find a restaurant that was not already booked.

Lucky us, her graduation day was on Sunday morning so most of the festivities occurred the day before.

I did find a locally sources restaurant, not too far away that seemed to have some good reviews, Harrison's Wine Grill & Catering. Making reservations was a breeze!

Now, how easy would it be to get something other than plain steamed vegetables here?!

I made a point to contact the event coordinator, Angela, personally. We had a brief phone discussion and then a follow up email to confirm she would be able to provide something that was very little oil, had a protein, was gluten free, vegan, corn free, and oh mushroom free.

Angela and I had a good conversation back-and-forth that really showed me her and her chefs were using their creativity to develop a worthy dish.

When I arrived on Sunday, the entire team was very welcoming and of course made the point to review my allergies.

When food came out, the dish was visually appealing and I have to say, the entire table smelled wonderful.

I took a bit into my greens, steamed vegetables, and olives / caper salsa. I have to say - I could tell the ingredients were fresh, but I was disappointed in the lack of flavor - which seemed to be the census of the entire table.

Would I venture to Harrison's again, probably not - but I did really appreciate their willingness to provide a very accommodating dish!


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