A Visit Back To Kensington Cornerstone

It's been a couple years since my last trip to Kensington Cornerstone but I could not wait to revisit! Not only did I remember the place its self being an experience, but the food as well. I thought back on that visit and recalled that all our our dinners guests (most of which are not gluten free) pinned this meal as their favorite meal of the trip.

We arrived back to Kensington on a rainy day and tried to find our same spot that we had last visit. I noticed, the round, more communal tables had been replaced with long rectangle tables - which already made the visit less intimate than the past.

The menu had been completely revamped and I have to but my vote in and say, this change was not for the best. Our favorite appetizer board which had meats, cheese, nuts, etc was missing!
The menu seemed to have less character  - so it took us all some time to review and decide what we would select.

Finally, decisions were made. I went with the quiona burger and I substituted the side salad with the three-bean salad.

In whole, the meal was not a bad choice - but it all tasted like it was store bought and no love and character was here. Complete disappointment!

My sister and uncle went with the fish and chips. Which they seemed to enjoy - but noted they were not the same great taste that they remember them being.

I hope that the new menu does in fact workout for Kensington, but I personally was not satisfied and not sure I will be returning. Thanks for the great memories.


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