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Send Me Gluten Free

I was given the opportunity to review Send Me Gluten Free's subscription box. When the box finally came, it was like Christmas morning for me. I wasn't sure what would be included in the box, but whatever it was - I knew I would be excited!

I opened the inviting, brightly-colored orange box to find lots of presents! :)

If you decide that particular month, you don't love the product offering, there are always the massive amount of coupons (some even offering free full-priced items) to find plenty more gluten safe items for yourself or the ones you love.

In this particular month's box, I found Kickers' All Natural Powdered Fruit Blends, Maple Banana Cream flavor. While Kicker's products contain dairy, I had to rely on a friend to review this product for me.

My friend has actually been looking for a healthy sweetener to add to her oatmeal each morning and figured why not give this a try! She enjoyed the product, stating it allowed her to add the amount of sweetness …

Plant Based Bachelorette Party in Philadelphia PA

As Maid of Honor, We are tasked with a huge responsibility to toss an unforgettable bachelorette party. To some, this might be a stressful experience, for me, I welcome the challenge. ;)

This is an opportunity for me to select a restaurant where I can eat, yet others will also enjoy. So often.

I did a lot of searching, high-and-low, to come up with a couple of options within the Philly area. I have to say, I spoke with a number of local establishments and most either wanted to charge an arm- and-a-leg or they did not have the availability to accommodate us.

For some reason, I never considered one of my new favorite plant-based restaurant in Philly, P.S & Co. I went to their website and noticed they had one of their weekly dinner events scheduled for my date and figured it might be nice to take advantage of this event. I quickly contacted P.S &Co and asked if they would be willing to close this event to our bachelorette party.

P.S & Co. responded back in a very quick manner…