Plant Based Bachelorette Party in Philadelphia PA

As Maid of Honor, We are tasked with a huge responsibility to toss an unforgettable bachelorette party. To some, this might be a stressful experience, for me, I welcome the challenge. ;)

This is an opportunity for me to select a restaurant where I can eat, yet others will also enjoy. So often.

I did a lot of searching, high-and-low, to come up with a couple of options within the Philly area. I have to say, I spoke with a number of local establishments and most either wanted to charge an arm- and-a-leg or they did not have the availability to accommodate us.

For some reason, I never considered one of my new favorite plant-based restaurant in Philly, P.S & Co. I went to their website and noticed they had one of their weekly dinner events scheduled for my date and figured it might be nice to take advantage of this event. I quickly contacted P.S &Co and asked if they would be willing to close this event to our bachelorette party.

P.S & Co. responded back in a very quick manner and not only confirmed that they could close the restaurant to us, but they could offer their private backyard garden along with a unique preset menu - customized to the bride-to-be's taste.

Keep in mind, I am still a bit weary about introducing everyone to a plant-based diet, but said, heck, why not - I did have Nick there before and he actually enjoyed it, so if we have his approval, we should be golden!

P.S & Co. worked their magic and kept me in the conversation loop. Once everything was confirmed all we had to do was wait for the day to arrive - which is harder than it seems when you are trying to keep a secret from your twin!

The day came, the bride was definitely surprised, now would she like the plant-based menu?!

We found our way to the table to notice that each place setting had a cute personalized menu with a hand signed, best wishes from Andrea, the owner of P.S & Co.

Our first dish of the evening was a plant based take on a heirloom caprese salad.

Initial thought from the group was the presentation was beautiful! Now, how did it taste? That my friend is an easy answer, because in a matter of moments, these babies had been devoured by 11 hungry girls! Not a tomato seed left behind!

The ingredients were fresh, the design was clean, and the cashew cheeze was the perfect addition.

Second course of the evening was one of my favorite, the focaccia with olives, capers, and roasted tomato.

I honestly could not get enough of this one! I found myself craving this throughout the night and again the following day! Being a gluten free vegan, it can be difficult to find good bread - but we could smell this baby cooking while we engaged in conversation on the patio and when it came out, it was even better than what we had been anticipating. While most guests noted it was a bit on the heavy side, I loved it! Looking for P.S & Co to share the recipe....maybe.... Okay, a girl can be wishful!

Moving to our third course, the broccoli strascinati. This one was our groups favorite dish and my least favorite - maybe because I always have greens - I'm not sure, it isn't that it was not good - but it did not wow me like the rest of the dishes!

But to reiterate, this was the dish the rest of the girls bragged about the remainder of the evening!

Now to our main dish, the sweet potato gnocchi with a pistachio pesto.

This is the second dish that I toss between my favorite of the night.

I was worried that it being "gnocci" it would be too heavy, but instead it was light and airy.

Flavor was clearly derived from it's fresh ingredients, and the texture was smooth. I found myself wanting a larger portion, but than again, I am a fat kid at heart and would have eaten the entire batch if given the opportunity!

Lastly, the bride's favorite dessert, Tiramisu.

While we all agreed, it did not exactly taste like Tiramisu, it was still very good! It was smooth with a nice crunch to it! Something we would all order again - just not call it Tiramisu.

Since I am not typically a dessert person, this did not make it to my favorite list  - but really, it can't compare with the focaccia and gnocci dish! Really!? Clearly, I am Italian!

In prior communications, we had discussed that the menu would have also included an eggplant caponata with additional fresh bread - but somehow we lost that ---- whamp whamp whamp!!!

Our service of the night was impeccable -Steve, pulled off an amazing event and I can not wait to book more events in the future. I will be recommending to all that P.S & Co is a great event venue and not just for those who eat plant-based. My group of 10 girls, who are not plant-based, all LOVED the food and we found ourselves wondering back the next day for brunch!

While I must say, brunch was in no way the experience we had the night before, it was still enjoyed - but service was slow, the pancakes sizes was much smaller than I had anticipated, food was served cold and the flavor was not up to what I had hoped for...maybe this is because I was still missing the foccia from the night before....

While pricing is a bit on the high end - we do need to all keep in mind that P.S & Co only uses fresh ingredients!

I am sure I will return again soon, I just hope that my next in-store visit is a better experience than our brunch.

Thank you P.S & Co team!


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