Send Me Gluten Free

I was given the opportunity to review Send Me Gluten Free's subscription box. When the box finally came, it was like Christmas morning for me. I wasn't sure what would be included in the box, but whatever it was - I knew I would be excited!

I opened the inviting, brightly-colored orange box to find lots of presents! :)

If you decide that particular month, you don't love the product offering, there are always the massive amount of coupons (some even offering free full-priced items) to find plenty more gluten safe items for yourself or the ones you love.

In this particular month's box, I found Kickers' All Natural Powdered Fruit Blends, Maple Banana Cream flavor. While Kicker's products contain dairy, I had to rely on a friend to review this product for me.

My friend has actually been looking for a healthy sweetener to add to her oatmeal each morning and figured why not give this a try! She enjoyed the product, stating it allowed her to add the amount of sweetness she was desiring without overwhelming her oatmeal or giving her a sugar crash in a coupe of hours.

This is a product she will likely purchase again and perhaps even try the other flavor varieties.

Lucky me, the next product I came across was Justin's Nut Butters and we all know how much I love nut butters, let alone convenient travel packs! These I do not share, but rather I devour in moments! The only negative with Justin's is the added oil. Whamp Whamp Whamp.

Now, I had Beanful Bean & Rice Chips included in this box, but I had a couple non-gluten free eaters gobble these up before I could try them. Clearly, they were loved - and who does not LOVE Nacho, but I am interested in their Pico De Gallo variety.

Keenwah now has a line of Quinoa Puffs out and I was sad to see they included the Aged Cheddar Puffs, the only non-vegan variety - so I tossed these to my sister - who LOVED these. I have to admit, I did smell them and they smelled legit. I will be looking to purchase one of the other varieties myself, I'm really looking forward to the Herbs de Provence or the Sweet Chili

There was also a bag of Glutino's Pretzels, which I ended up forcing a non-gluten free eater to try these because every gluten free individual I know either does not like the pretzels and / or can't eat soy so these were a loss.

ZOUQ's Spicy Trail Mix was also included, in fact, three bags had been included. Love the idea of these because they are easy to grab and go or leave in my car for emergency needs, so how was the taste - eh, not what I was expecting - because I have never had another product like this to compare to, but I actually really enjoyed them and the fact that they are truly made from healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Ah - another love of my life, Go Raw's Sunflower seeds. Legit, it is Sunflower seeds and sea salt - these are probably my favorite find in the box!

The Yummy Health Peppermint Snack bar is another product I needed to give away due to the ingredients.  I was truly disappointed especially when I was told it was the BEST snack bar she had ever had and that it tasted like a mix of a peppermint patty and an almond joy.

One of the last products included in this month's box was a Smooze Fruit Ice. Simple review of this, amazing!


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