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First Try at Miso Soup

Anytime I have the opportunity, I order myself a big bowl of Miso soup. For some reason, I had never attempted to make it at home for myself.

That being said, I started researching a couple of recipes and then I decided to just wing it!

Here is what I placed into a large pot to simmer:

4-6 cups water2 tablespoons miso (I used red)SeaweedGarlicTurmericBlack PepperCeleryA coupe of knobs of grated ginger Here is what I pre-chopped to add into the soup right before consuming KaleZucchini NoodlesCarrotsCeleryFresh CilantroLemon Juice Once the pot was to my liking, I removed the stalk of celery and knobs of ginger.  I added the remaining ingredients for a few minutes Then I enjoyed!

Quick Update:
Leftovers tend to be even more delicious!

Fall's Bounty: Acrond Squash Rice Pasta

I planned a First Day of Fall Potluck at work and needed to come up with something allergy friendly, yet appealing to all.

I had a couple extra acorn squash sitting around and decided to get creative.

I roasted two acorn squashes, garlic, and a jalapeno.
I added some spices (turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, nutritional yeast, etc) to my Vitamix with about 1 cup of vegetable broth.
Once the veggies were cooked through, I added them to the Vitamix and blended well.
I cooked a package of rice noodles according to the directions and then mixed the sauce with the pasta - Tada!

This dish was beyond easy and tasted great!

It was a big hit for the potluck!

Aksum Cafe, Philadelphia Gluten Free and Vegetarian Friendly

After just having been disappointed with the Greek dishes at Estia in Radnor, PA - I was really craving some good stuffed grape leaves! Where better to get my fix but at my favorite, Aksum Cafe in Philadelphia!

I ordered my favorites and enjoyed my birthday lunch immensely!

My only disappointment was the portions seem to have shrunk a bit.... and the Spicy Ful Madammas was not as spicy as I remembered it to have been in the past. Don't get me wrong, still great flavor and I will be back again!

Estia is Gluten Free Friendly

It is birthday time! I've been wanting to try Estia in Radnor,PA for some time now and figured what a perfect opportunity!

Estia appealed to me for a couple of reasons. A, It's Greek, need I say more - stuffed grape leaves and olives, yes please! B. Estia offers a gluten free menu.

Upon arrival, I had noted in my reservation through Opentable that I was gluten free so that when I arrived to the restaurant, the waitress was already made aware of my allergy and was ready to roll!

Of course I started with the stuffed grape leaves and asked for a side of olives as well.

My verdict - a pile of oil! To make matters worse, it was not even a high quality olive oil. Bummer, I am not seeing the authenticity here yet, maybe the main course will be more fulfilling.

For my main course, I was limited on a vegetarian aspect and went with the Gluten Free Papoutsakia.
 While eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables, I was completely disappointed in the lack of flavor and once again the pool of …

Gyu-Kaku, Philadelphia- Horrible Experience

While the Pope was visiting Philadelphia, I thought it would be nice to make a nearby reservation and have a warm meal, clean restroom, and a comfortable seat for even just 30-minutes. I found Gyu-Kaku was taking reservations and the reviews looked decent, so I tried it.

I should have stuck to my rule of, absolutely no chain-restaurants. They are never good, always dirty, and the food is always lacking.

Prior to our reservation, I did call and discuss my food allergies with the manager. They informed me there would be a number of gluten free options, however, upon arrival, I was shocked to see there was slim to no offerings for me. Oh well, I am use to it, I will select what is available and hope that everyone else enjoys their meal - which of course, even though it was lunch time, because the Pope was visiting, Gyu-Kaku felt the need to cash in and up-charge us.

I found that the seaweed salad and seaweed soup could be modified to be gluten free and I tossed in a steamed Japanese swee…

Eating on the go...

I've been off on my eating and have found myself grabbing whatever I could find at the time - I have been camping out for the Pope's visit in Philly and tailgating for the PennState game and my food options have been slim.

I did find some leftover gluten free bread from my Canada trip and made a quick chocolate almond butter and jelly sandwich with a side of fruit.  I have also rocked some grilled bananas, peaches, and pears for breakfast at the PSU game..

While eating with allergies may be difficult, it is not impossible!

Traveling Allergy Free

I have had a very busy weekend and knew I would be traveling more than usual and not a whole lot of time for me to prepare my own foods, let alone have a good transportation method.

I had to think ahead. I started the weekend with my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner - which I opted to play it safe and bring my own dish.

Everyone was getting a salad, appetizer, and main meal so I chowed down on a plain salad and then enjoyed my homemade "pickles".

 For my main dish, I made a zucchini seaweed pasta with a sun-dried tomato sauce. This was absolutely delicious!

Saturday, I ran up to the Scranton, PA area and had a munched on a coconut milk yogurt and fruit.

Lunch was provided but not very Nicole friendly. I was lucky I grabbed a Cocomama Food's quinoa breakfast packet. I wanted a little more calories to the meal so I added a little nut butter, honey, and some additional bananas.

Thoughts? I thought it was too sweet for my typical meal and to be frank, it did not hold me o…