Gyu-Kaku, Philadelphia- Horrible Experience

While the Pope was visiting Philadelphia, I thought it would be nice to make a nearby reservation and have a warm meal, clean restroom, and a comfortable seat for even just 30-minutes. I found Gyu-Kaku was taking reservations and the reviews looked decent, so I tried it.

I should have stuck to my rule of, absolutely no chain-restaurants. They are never good, always dirty, and the food is always lacking.

Prior to our reservation, I did call and discuss my food allergies with the manager. They informed me there would be a number of gluten free options, however, upon arrival, I was shocked to see there was slim to no offerings for me. Oh well, I am use to it, I will select what is available and hope that everyone else enjoys their meal - which of course, even though it was lunch time, because the Pope was visiting, Gyu-Kaku felt the need to cash in and up-charge us.

I found that the seaweed salad and seaweed soup could be modified to be gluten free and I tossed in a steamed Japanese sweet potato as well.

Waiting for food was ridiculous, especially since we were the only patrons in the entire restaurant for 95% of our visit. Not to mention that we had to remind the waiter what we ordered and nothing came in sequence. My dad received his meat a good 15 minutes before his vegetables (which was meant to be roasted together).

My sister and cousin both ordered the Chicken Garlic Noodles, which according to the reviews, everyone raves about these noodles. They dishes arrived to our table and they did not look very appetizing. Mia tried to eat them silently and then finally caved-in and admitted to the table how salty and disgusting the dish was. This of course prompted the entire table to give these noodles a try (not gluten free friendly so I can't weigh in here...) and everyone agreed that the chef must have made a mistake today.

We informed our server of our dissatisfaction and he quickly replied back with, "that's how they always sorry" and continued to charge us!?!?

The experience was one that will never be repeated. Again, the food was your typical chain-restaurant food, server was horrible, the restaurant was dirty, and I am still in shock that they actually charged us for the Chicken Garlic Noodles that were not up to par.


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