Traveling Allergy Free

I have had a very busy weekend and knew I would be traveling more than usual and not a whole lot of time for me to prepare my own foods, let alone have a good transportation method.

I had to think ahead. I started the weekend with my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner - which I opted to play it safe and bring my own dish.

Everyone was getting a salad, appetizer, and main meal so I chowed down on a plain salad and then enjoyed my homemade "pickles".

 For my main dish, I made a zucchini seaweed pasta with a sun-dried tomato sauce. This was absolutely delicious!

Saturday, I ran up to the Scranton, PA area and had a munched on a coconut milk yogurt and fruit.

Lunch was provided but not very Nicole friendly. I was lucky I grabbed a Cocomama Food's quinoa breakfast packet. I wanted a little more calories to the meal so I added a little nut butter, honey, and some additional bananas.

Thoughts? I thought it was too sweet for my typical meal and to be frank, it did not hold me over - it was better than nothing, just not something I would purchase again.

Next up, the wedding dinner. I have to admit, I was most nervous about this meal as I wasn't sure they would be able to accommodate my needs. I found my bridal party table and saw an entire plate of covered and clearly labeled Glutino Gluten free crackers as well as a plate of hor dourves. While I really should not have devoured the crackers because they do contain milk and corn - I was so hungry, I drove in anyhow. I have to admit, the taste and texture was on par - too bad they are not allergy free.

All attendees would start their meal with a side salad. I was provided an entire bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and lemons for my dressing :)! HEAVEN!

Next up, a the pasta course. While their pasta was decent, always hard to enjoy someone else's Italian sauce.

For my main course, I had steamed green beans, a potato, additional pasta and the staff was kind enough to provide hot sauce and mustard.

I was beyond impressed with their attention to detail and how well they could accommodate. I was even notified that the wine was in fact gluten free :)

Lastly, I was beyond touched that I also got to indulge in dessert. Now, I am really not a dessert person - however, this dessert, I sat down and finished 4 cupcakes and a good 10 cookies within 24 hours. I am not sure that Mikooka Pastry Shop is all my allergies-free, but it was so damn good I didn't mind.

The night was over and we were back on the road towards Harrisburg, PA. I ate so much the day before, and lots of things I that I really shouldn't have, that breakfast was a banana and I was okay with just that.

Lunch was served early, as we needed to get ready for photos by 11:30am. The bride was trying to make the entire spread gluten free friendly and we had a hard time accomplishing this. We finally found Mangia Qui. They were willing to work with our budget, our early pickup time, and make everything gluten free! They even provided gluten free crackers! Our menu consisted of:
- Montadito Ahumido (smoked salmon)
- Monte Cballo (almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and cabrales cheese on the side)
- Caprese salad (cheese on the side)
- Grilled eggplant towers
-Vegetable, beans, and potato stew (one of my favorite dishes of the night)
- We added olives and stuffed grape leaves!

While I thought most of the food was a bit too oily for me to even enjoy - it was a decent lunch that most people seemed to love, especially the stuffed dates!

Lastly, another wedding dinner. I was actually looking forward to seeing how creative C&J Catering would get. Sadly, this was the biggest disappointment of the entire weekend.

The entire dinner was served family-style. For some reason or another they decided to plate the head table - which was not what the bride wanted.

We started with salads - which let us keep in mind, was not Nicole friendly and really tasted wilted and dead to me.

The remainder of the guests had a variety of sides (including risotto) and mains (including steaks, seafood, etc) and the head table got little to none of these options and I got a small crappy plate of oiled vegetables.


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