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Buttercup Squash Soup (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

It has been about a month since my first Ayurvedic appointment and I have noticed a complete shift in my mood - thoughts - actions.... and pretty much everyone in my life has noticed some physical changes (including my skin color / glow).

I am learning to not just eat-to-eat, but to enjoy my food and the art of taking time to prepare it.

While with a busy work schedule it is almost impossible not to eat leftovers (or I would be eating dinner at midnight!) - I do try and eat food 2-days or younger.

Buttercup squash is actually a variation of the beloved Kabocha Squash - and the skin is edible and contains many health benefits!

Some benefits include: phytonutrients, fiber, iron, and the skin is packed with Vitamin C! Actually, the skin of a buttercup squash has 22% more calcium than the same weight of milk! The squash itself is fat-free, filled with complex carbs (the good kind) and 12% protein!

Buttercup Squash Soup
- 2 Cups Water
- Ginger pieces ( to your liking)
- Garlic Cloves (to y…

Experimenting with Kitchuri

Ah-ha! I am getting it! I knew I would find a way to love this new diet, it just needed a "Nicole-Spin" to it!

The flavorings and cooking techniques need a little tweaking!

Here is where I am at now. 
1. I toned down the seasonings - going with smaller amounts and less abrasive ones (to me).
**I am currently loving fennel so I sort of go heavy on this one
2. I am creating a broth-like substance before I make the Mung-Dahl and Brown Basmati Rice.
3. I cook the rice on high at first and then tone it down and let it simmer for longer (making everything much softer)
4. I am cutting the seaweed up into smaller chunks.
5. I am cooking the cilantro right into the dish rather than just sprinkling decoratively on top.

This batch was thus far my favorite batch! Yummy!
P.S when you enjoy what you are eating, you feel better. Then add that it is a very healthy dish for you, and boom! Win-win!

Some People Get Food Allergies

While I am doing my best to be very strict with my daily routines and eating habits, it can make eating out or even schedule any sort of social activity rather difficult.

When you do come across that random person / establishment that actually understands you have not only one food allergy but multiple and that they are very severe - you really take the time to appreciate them!

I normally despise chain-restaurants, however, in this case, a recent visit to the Cheesecake Factory in center city Philadelphia has me thinking otherwise.

Not only was the company more than willing to heat up my homemade food, they understood all about contamination and treated me as if I was a fully-paying customer. Now, I did have a couple of other guests with me that choose to order a couple appetizers and of course a slice of cheesecake, BUT - our waiter, Matt, we just a blessing!

I know personally that the restaurant industry is not always the most fulfilling career, but Matt had a smile on his face the …

Keeping up with the doctor's orders

As I begin to focus more and more on myself with specific attention placed on my breathing, I am beginning to feel better each and every day. while I am still working on my stomach digestion and energy levels - I am making great progress!While I do not love Kitchuri (I miss my spicy foods), I am learning to enjoy a nice warm comforting meal!