Warming Soup for the Cold Winter

For some, we have been lucky this winter and have seen very few bitter-cold snow days.

For others, those of us who look forward to all four seasons (with the criteria that no one seasons captures all the attention) I'm eager for just one more beautiful snowed in type of a day.

Of course, the time when I decide I will ignore the weather channel, as it just keeps telling me lies, I find myself  at work, witnessing a gorgeous day of snow falling. I leave from work early to make it home safely and maybe even capture a bit of snow fun. Go figure, within the hour of being home, the snow fall stops and the dreaded sleet starts pouring down.

I figure, instead of harnessing my energy into what I had missed, I would embrace it for what it is and create a nice warming soup for dinner. Like always, my recipes are created by a mix of this and that.

There are of course, some ingredients I always go to (cinnamon, turmeric, ...) but then I try to just add in whatever is around the kitchen (garlic, seaweed...). Therefore, I never really know how my dishes are going to come out.

Trust me, I have had plenty of dishes that I did not enjoy - but I have had plenty that I loved as well.

This particular soup came out as a do-again :)

As I continue on this journey called life, I find that I am trying to, and I would like to consider myself somewhat successful, embrace all that I can and enjoy at least one small aspect of whatever life tosses my way. With that being said, I find there are a couple of things I would really like to harness my current energy on:

  1. Being okay with down time
    I find that I create things to keep myself busy, perhaps so that I don't need to face reality or myself. What I find happening, I have no down-time and I am wearing myself out too thin. I am balancing the exhaustion and just keep going mode.
  2. Being okay with silence
    I have a heard time, particularly during mid-day and in the evening when my cell phone is a little quite - or quieter than I would like it to be.  
    It's odd because I do find that I turn my phone on silent in the evenings so that I might find peace and me-time, but then I am eager or longing for some sort of communication. 
    I suppose this contradicting feeling is all a part of the growth and healing process.
  3. Loving my body
    I find I am 100% uncomfortable with my body and that I am, in an un-healthy manner comparing myself to others (ie. she has those abs, why don't I, she weighs a normal health weight, why can't I?)

    What I need to do is stop judging myself and just love my imperfect under-weight body and when it does heal, I will love every imperfection it brings along with it.

    How am I going to do this?  I have no idea...yet, but I know I need to snap out of it and just love what I have! :)
While I do not want to invest too much energy in changes, because let us face it, we will always find something that we want to change or dislike about ourselves. The saying, "we are our biggest critic" is one of the most truthful cliches. 

It is important that we remember to love ourselves - not for what we have been in the past, not for what we want to be in the future, but who we FREAKING ARE TODAY, imperfections and all!

"Self love isn't a jean size - it's saying yes to taking care of your body and mind."


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