Arugula Oatmeal (Gluten Free, Vegan, & Oil Free)

These days, everyone's schedules extend past our ability to maintain. We find it more convenient, and sometimes cheaper, to grab the unhealthy food choices (bag of chips, frozen dinner, fast-food, and so on). However, once we fall into this trap, we become addicted to this type of food (thanks to all the additives) and then find ourselves on a whirl-wind of diets and unhappiness with ourselves (in particular, our bodies). I could continue to rant on about how these foods also effect our mind and spirit, but that would require it's own blog post.

If there is one thing that my food allergies have taught me, it is that creating your own "fast-food" can be inexpensive, fast, healthy and scrumptious with just a bit of pre-planning. I am learning that left-overs are really not healthy for you - especially when trying to heal your gut.

I have started relying on soups, oatmeal, moong dal and fresh fruits and vegetables for my meals.

My days have been following the below routine and my body is loving it:
Breakfast: Moong Dal dish
Snack: Warm apples with spice
Lunch: Soup with oatmeal
Snack: Orange
Snack: Fresh juice of some sort
Snack: Fresh protein smoothie
Dinner / Evening snack: Warm fruit or steamed vegetables

This week I made a couple batches of Arugula Soup:
Star Anise

After all the ingredients have had time to simmer, I toss everything into the Vitamix and pulse until smooth.

I portion everything out into my mason jars and then when lunch time arrives, I measure out a serving of gluten free oatmeal and heat everything together.


When the day is over, LET IT GO. Don't dwell on what you could've or should've done. Tomorrow is a new day & another chance.


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