Easter Tradition, Deviled Eggs

Happy Easter!

This year marks the first Easter without my dad's parents. With that being said, I am sure this will be a very emotional holiday for my family. Not to say that the day will be ruined or without joy, as neither of my grandparents would want us to dwell in sorrow. Rather, the family will take strolls down memory lane and remember all the wonderful times we had spent with our grandparents.

When I think of Easter, I think of the beach (my grandparents resided in Myrtle Beach, SC), traditional Italian Music (Dominck the Donkey) and the year my grandma made deviled eggs but forgo to discard all of the shells.

It was as if the entire family decided to bite into their deviled eggs at the same time (completely unplanned) we all took one bite and then quickly glared at one another with the eyes of "what the hell do we do now? We can't spit this egg out in front of grandma.).

Needless to say, no one accepted grandma's offer for seconds of the deviled eggs. It does carry a nice memory that none of us will ever forget and we repeat this story to one another yearly, as if one of us had forgotten or missed out on this experience. It never gets old! Love you grandma

Obviously, when a spring potluck was planned at work I had no choice but to make deviled eggs  - but thought I would put a spin on it and make a variety of deviled eggs.

My variations included:
*Sweet relish
*Scallion Cream Cheese

*Dijon Mustard
*Sweet red Pepper Jelly

Each variation was pretty simple to make. I added a bit of mayonnaise, the additional ingredient and a touch of salt and pepper.

The Team's favorite was a mix of pesto and Dijon.


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