What I Eat in A Day

People seem to be struggling with that to eat, and way more than they should be. Perhaps it is because some have essentially become addicted to un-healthy foods and others, perhaps they have become obsessed with what is and is not the current health-trend. 

The best advise I can give is this: 1. eat what you crave and 2. everything in moderation. 

 I thought I would share what I have been enjoying on a daily basis. Keep in mind, this does take some prep work and my weekends have been not as beautiful - but I am a work in progress :).

I start my days as much as possible with an early am yoga class. 

Around 8:00am I sneak in a quick breakfast. I have found that a nice warm moong dal recipe has been doing the trick. 

10:00am I am starving yet again and have been enjoying citrus fruits!

Lunch usually happens around 12:30 and has religiously been a soup and oatmeal combination.I think the heavy oatmeal has been bringing me some peace during the colder months. 

Mid-afternoon I sneak in another quick bite - today I just happen to find a lovely kiwi to indulge in. 

Dinner was actually on time for me tonight and was a mix of apple sauce, oatmeal, and apples. I have to think quick meals on my Mondays as I work late at the studio. 

I found myself still a bit hungry later on so I grabbed a quick lemon juice - which did the trick. 

I eat often, I eat when I am hungry. I eat what I enjoy and I smile as much as possible. Why? Because tomorrow is always a new day! :)


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