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Sabrina's Cafe, Not so Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

Everyone rants and raves about Sabrina's Cafe - which has multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia area. I figured, I had to give it a try. I looked online and there are a number of reviews that Sabrina's is gluten free safe and I did my precaution and called ahead to discuss my food allergy concerns with the company. 
I felt confident that I would be able to eat at Sabrina's with ease. 
Since I was meeting with a larger group and everyone was coming from multiple areas, we decided to go with the Wynnewood location AND since I know they get crowded quickly we arrived around 9:00am - just an hour after their opening and they were already struggling to seat our party of 7 together. They even suggested we sit in separate areas of the dinning room - um no - we came together to be together. That was strike #1. 
Then when it came time to order, I asked for assistance ordering for my allergies. I was told the tofu scramble (the only vegan option) couldn't be made gluten …

Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo Recap

My apologies for a late post. I have currently been what I like to call - embarking on my friend's generosity (a.k.a homeless) until my new place opens up.

Life is a journey that we can never plan! Instead of fighting it, I have chosen to embrace it and enjoy every moment that I have had with each friend who has offered his/her hospitality to me in my time of need. It has given me the opportunity to see who really are my true friends and I embrace that love throughout my healing journey. Namste my loves!

Back to business - my recap on the Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo.
To be honest, I was not sure what to expect. I have been to gluten free expos before but this one, for some reason or another, had me thinking smaller scale.

Upon arrival, the VIPs were given gift bags and ushered into a waiting area where Happy Mixer Bakery provided some delights to enjoy. I was curious as to why they didn't offer more breakfast-like foods since it was around 9:00am, but I won't lie I enjoy…

Vientiane Cafe - Gluten Free and Vegan in West Philadelphia

Okay - typically I don't find enjoyment in repeating the same movie, restaurant, dinner, etc over and over and over and over again. However, I literally think I could rock Vientiane Cafe pretty much on a weekly basis.

I say this not only because the menu is very NICOLE FRIENDLY. As in, they offer a number of gluten free options BUT they can also accommodate almost every dish on the menu to be vegan. ALLELUIA!  I can hear the birds singing! Now, add in the fact that the ingredients are always fresh, it is a BYOB joint, they are very reasonable on price, and we are officially in heaven. Actually, we are in heaven, floating on a cloud. Let's be real, every dreams of being able to chill on a cloud at some point in time, right?

Back to dinner. I noticed they have made some additions to their menu and while I am in love with their King Soup (seriously, I crave this soup often) and hate to verge to new things in fear of disappointment,  I couldn't help myself.

I went with a small o…

Allowing Myself To Get Lost

Answers are not always the answers you want to hear, but they are the right answers.
My journey. Where to begin...this year has been the most dramatic of all my years. I have and still am, learning a lot about myself and others.

I have learned:

I need to allow myself to be brokenI need to allow myself alone timeI need to love myselfI need to learn, mistakes happen but tomorrow is a new day and so long as I learned from my mistakes, then I am happy to continue to make them - as it is how I will improve. It is alright to cry, in fact, it is necessary It is okay to be lost, in fact, go - get lost and rediscover yourself Just because you are fine today does not mean that tomorrow won't be a day full of tears and confusion A year ago, I would have never in a million years looked at who I am today and recognize her as my future self. I have done things this year I never thought I would have. I have gone home and spent a week on my parent's couch crying. I have called family to just v…

Philly Gluten Free Expo in Oaks PA

Come join me at the Greater Gluten Free Expo in Oaks, PA on Saturday, May 21.