Sabrina's Cafe, Not so Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

Everyone rants and raves about Sabrina's Cafe - which has multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia area. I figured, I had to give it a try. I looked online and there are a number of reviews that Sabrina's is gluten free safe and I did my precaution and called ahead to discuss my food allergy concerns with the company. 

I felt confident that I would be able to eat at Sabrina's with ease. 

Since I was meeting with a larger group and everyone was coming from multiple areas, we decided to go with the Wynnewood location AND since I know they get crowded quickly we arrived around 9:00am - just an hour after their opening and they were already struggling to seat our party of 7 together. They even suggested we sit in separate areas of the dinning room - um no - we came together to be together. That was strike #1. 

Then when it came time to order, I asked for assistance ordering for my allergies. I was told the tofu scramble (the only vegan option) couldn't be made gluten free at this time. Okay, I can try eggs, I will eat them from time-to-time but prefer not to. When trying to order eggs, I was told, this side wouldn't be included because it is not gluten free, BUT I could pay $2.00 more and I could get a side that is gluten free, or and then, I also can't have the side of home-fries because they are not gluten free and the kitchen refuses to make them separately because it would take them too much time. Again, I could pay an additional $2.00 for a side that would be gluten free. Add on to this discussion that to have gluten free toast, I was already being charged an additional $2.00.

Rewind here: Sabrina's, you no longer can accommodate all of my allergies. You will charge me $2.00 more for gluten free. You will take away two sides and not reimburse me for your savings - BUT I have the option to pay an additional $4.00 to have the two sides that should come with the over-priced meal! Where else do you go that the tea comes cold and costs more than a cup of coffee?
Service was slow and horrible! I asked for hot-sauce and I got ketchup. 

Sabrina's I think you should reconsider your allergy-free clients and service! 


  1. Made me crazy when I 1st went gluten free and to accomodate me they'd give me a piece of dried out chicken and plain green beans, yet charge the same amount. I guess Sabrina's is out for me!


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