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Desi Village Indian Restaurant

Continuing my journey or trying all the things I have always wanted to try but I allowed someone or something to hold me back - Indian food was on the top of the list.

While visiting my sister and another sister in for a visit, we decided to walk down the street and check out Desi Village. At first, I was a bit nervous, as the first waiter did not understand my question in regards to gluten free meals. No big deal, another waiter came out and was able to help accommodate. Not only was he able to help me review what was and was not safe - my sisters and I couldn't decided on the meals of choice and decided to ask the waiter if he wouldn't mind bringing out three surprise dishes. The waiter took our challenge and met it! A couple of minutes later our table was filled with lots and lots of wonderful white rice and three fantastic dishes.
1. Dal Makhani
2. Chicken Jalfrezi
3. Achari Lamb

Since I don't really do meat anymore, I stuck with the sauces of the non-vegetarian dishes …

Getting Strong Each Day

Life has been anything but routine recently.  I have been forced to be okay with things just happening. Trying to adjust to on the whim changes, while still trying to maintain some sort of regime has been, well, interesting.

I think I have done the best that I could have, given the circumstances. In some cases, I think I even grew stronger. I found that my anxiety was coming to visit less often. I was nicer and more forgiving to myself. Allowing myself to take time to just come home and do nothing rather than running the self-shaming game that I partake in all too often. I mean, why is it so bad for me to take days off from running myself ragged at the gym or yoga? Why am I not entitled to rest days? A rest day here and there does not mean that I am never going to go back....right?

Why do I think I saw improvement? My guess, I was around normal people. Most days, I shut myself off from the rest of the world and I just do me. I mean, I interact at work, at the gym, yoga, etc but when I…