Camping Adventures

Sometimes, well, to be blunt, I avoid social opportunities because I am afraid to be removed from my routine. It's sad and upsetting, I know - but it is a part of my healing process and as I have noted a number of times in the past, my routine has become my "safety blanket".

My twin and I decided to take our sister trip and due to some crazy schedules this year, we tossed it together last minute. I decided to roll with it and just go wherever the wind would take us.

Mia has always enjoyed two things in life - horses and beaches. So when I remembered Assateague Island offered the opportunity to camp on the beach where the wild horses roam - I knew this is where we needed to go.

We got lucky enough that last minute we were able to get a reservation but unfortunately, we could only get one night. I said, oh well, we will find something else - let's just go!

Since I was taking off work and doing so last minute, I didn't have a real opportunity to pack so I tossed this and that into a bag and rummaged through my stash of free-sample foods (you know the kind you get at fairs, conventions, etc). I was so tired when I was packing, that I couldn't even remember what made it into the car and what was missing - but what the heck, if I needed something, I would just purchase it new.

I got my morning yoga routine in and then Mia had arrived and we were on our way! The drive was fairly smooth - no real roadblocks or delays to note. We enjoyed some good music, company, and girl-talk.

The only real snag we ran into was finding a place that was gluten free friendly. Like really people? Is it that hard to accommodate and eliminate disgusting processed foods? Just saying! The world would be a much better place if finding healthy, affordable food was easier. After a long search, and a good 30-minute drive out of the way, we found lunch - but I will save another post to tell you about our amazing find!

Back to the road trip. 4+ hours later and we had arrived! We checked in, drove to our campsite and started to unpack. They only tent we had for our last-minute trip was a 7 person tent, so we anticipated a lot of space for the two of us. What we did not anticipate was the insane wind and how difficult it would be to keep the tent afloat.

We two gals had no trouble putting the tent up - but the stakes that we had just was not doing the trick. They kept pulling out of the sand and the wind was trying to show us who was the boss.
I made the decision to leave Mia behind for a moment and take a look at how other campers maintained their tents.

On my journey, I met a lovely couple who was more than happy to help and let me just say, THEY SAVED US! Without their assistance and materials, we would have blown away - or maybe had to resort to sleeping in our car, we truly appreciated their kindness.

After the tent was successfully up, we ran out for some firewood and then snuggled down with a fire (which again, the wind was trying to show us differently) and dinner. Dinner was a quick sandwich we made from the bread purchased earlier in the day and some fresh fruit!

While hanging out at the fire, it was surreal to see the wild horses wander around the camp and not even worry about the humans in their path.

When we realized we were dozing off, we did a quick run to the bathhouse and then off to bed. The wind was extremely fierce this night and there was plenty of times I thought we might blow away - but we made it through the night safe and sound.

When we awoke we went directly to the beach and watched the horses awake to the morning sunrise.  It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful times I have witnessed in years!

After a brief photo opp, we did a quick breakfast. Breakfast consisted of Natures Way cereal, fruit, and almond milk! Not bad for not having really packed anything!

While our trip was cut short, on the count that we couldn't find any open campsites, we had a fabulous time together and I hope that we never lose the tradition of spending some good quality family time together.

I can't wait to return and bring the entire family!


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