The Birch Tree Cafe & Good Earth Market

On my recent runaway trip - I ran into a big of a snag of trying to find food and I was even willing to verge-out into the meat world and forgo some of my other food sensitivities and I have to say, I am so freaking disappointed with the world and how hard it is to eat a decent, healthy meal! This is not only scary to me but makes me almost sick to my stomach how okay the world is with what is currently offered to them. Maybe it is not that they are okay with it, but perhaps it is that they are ignorant to the facts....

Anyhow, with all the dilemma of trying to find a place that was not pizza, fast food, or a sandwich - Mia and I had to drive a good 30+ minutes out of our way and we were famished by the time we even found this place. I actually remember us both looking at one another and saying, will we even make it until we get to our destination or will we pass out? Good thing we had some snacks packed with us.

When we finally arrived at Good Earth Lane - the immediate response was, "this place is adorable" I do not even care if they don't have food that is Nicole-friendly as I am going to just lay in the grass and enjoy the beauty!

The Good Earth Market is a little farm with their own garden, soon to be tiny-house, and organic market. The Birth Tree Cafe is located within the market and even makes their own gluten-free bread.

We arrived in the cafe, sat down and reviewed the menu. I was a bit overwhelmed as I do get whenever I have the option to pick more than one Nicole-Friendly option.

Since I was unsure of what I wanted and I was so hungry I thought I might eat my arm - I asked if they would be interested in doing a half-and-half option. I was pretty sure they would come back and say - sorry this is not a doable option, but instead, they were beyond accommodating and had no problem adhering to my request.
I went with the Chickpea and Vegetable Sandwich on the normal gluten-free bread.

I enjoyed both sandwiches but I think I preferred the vegetable sandwich, which I added avocado.

Mia and I scarfed down our sandwiches and then roamed around the market for a bit. They had a wide variety of supplements, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, local honey and two freezers filled with gluten-free goodies.

Before we left, we couldn't help but sneak in a little treat for ourselves.

I went with the seasonal blueberry muffin and a DRY sparkling Vanilla Bean cold drink.

I have to say that I enjoyed the bread more so than I did the muffin, but it was still enjoyable.

After our treat, Mia and I walked around the garden and enjoyed the beauty that it attracted, such as butterflies and bumble bees.

Good Earth Market, not only did you feed two gals when we were beyond famished, you gave us a healthy and fresh meal! We both enjoyed our meal, even Mia who is not gluten-free LOVED her turkey gluten-free sandwich - so much so she talked about it all evening and we found ourselves back here the next day ordering the SAME THING - which I NEVER DO!


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