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Gluten Free and Vegan Tailgating

We take our tailgating very serious and with a noon game, we plan to arrive around 7:00am.

This year, life's funny little reminders that you can't plan life, you can't take life for granted, and that you can't plan your future tossed us a curve-ball as we were involved in a minor accident that morning.

While everyone was able to walk away from both vehicles and only complain about a small discomfort in their back, neck, and knee - I would consider ourselves very fortunate.

It is situations like these where you can't go on blaming anyone. It was an accident and just that. No one planned it, no one meant for it to happen and no one certainly wanted to incur the additional expenses - but life happens and it is rude awaking that you need to start treasuring life. Stop complaining, stop judging, stop fussing, so wake up every day with gratitude that you have the opportunity to make this day a great day. You have the opportunity to love - love yourself, love your family,…

Adventures in Squash

Here is the situation:  When your fridge looks like this - jammed packed with fruits and Squash - you tend to find yourself getting a bit more creative on your squash game.

I tried my best to do some web-searches for squash recipes but I found myself bored of the same things:
     Squash Boats
     Summer Pasta with Squash
     Squash zoodles
...with the lack of creativity, I was looking for, I had only once choice left, to take a look in my pantry and tune into my current food cravings. 
I knew I was craving a seaweed salad and hadn't yet made my own. I started there - soaking the seaweed (just a couple of handfuls) and then adding some flavor (ginger and garlic). I then took a zucchini (which, with the size of this one, it looked like it was on steroids) and spiralized it into noodles. I added some lemon juice, Akwain seeds, and fresh cilantro. Once the seaweed had a couple of hours to soak - I dumped it into my ziplock container with the remaining ingredients and gave everything…

Making your own rice flour

I had some time off recently and it has forced me to learn to relax!

I remembered how much I enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and ingredients!

Before starting my new experiment...I spent some time during the morning to ignore everyone else and all of their needs, their bad moods, their everything. I wanted to enjoy a cup of Chocolate Matte Tea, on the porch, with a book and myself and that is it! I wanted no distractions, no demands just a little me-time!

I thought I might struggle with this and feel "lazy" as I often do when I take a moment to slow down and instead I felt joy and rather content.

I have actually been reading a lot of materials on how doing nothing can be of such benefit to a person. It helps you recharge and prepare to take on more. It helps your body get stronger as you take the time to rest. While I could continue to babble on and on about the benefits, the real trick is to discover and feel it for yourself. I dare you! Go do nothing for 5-minutes,…