Adventures in Squash

Here is the situation: 
When your fridge looks like this - jammed packed with fruits and Squash - you tend to find yourself getting a bit more creative on your squash game.

I tried my best to do some web-searches for squash recipes but I found myself bored of the same things:
     Squash Boats
     Summer Pasta with Squash
     Squash zoodles
...with the lack of creativity, I was looking for, I had only once choice left, to take a look in my pantry and tune into my current food cravings. 

I knew I was craving a seaweed salad and hadn't yet made my own. I started there - soaking the seaweed (just a couple of handfuls) and then adding some flavor (ginger and garlic). I then took a zucchini (which, with the size of this one, it looked like it was on steroids) and spiralized it into noodles. I added some lemon juice, Akwain seeds, and fresh cilantro. Once the seaweed had a couple of hours to soak - I dumped it into my ziplock container with the remaining ingredients and gave everything a good shake. With my thought that this would be the next day's lunch, the entire dish had another 12+ hours to soak in all of the good flavors. 
The next morning, I figured I would want to add something a bit more substantial to this dish, I grabbed some coconut oil, coconut shavings and some patty pan squash which I steamed together and placed overtop of my pasta dish. 

This dish took me no more than 20-minutes prep time (and that is stretching it) and was ready for a light and healthy delicious meal.

Living healthy does not need to be boring! I understand the doctor currently wants me on a simple, light, and heavy squash focused diet, but who said I can't have fun with "simple" flavors?!


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