Making your own rice flour

I had some time off recently and it has forced me to learn to relax!

I remembered how much I enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and ingredients!

Before starting my new experiment...I spent some time during the morning to ignore everyone else and all of their needs, their bad moods, their everything. I wanted to enjoy a cup of Chocolate Matte Tea, on the porch, with a book and myself and that is it! I wanted no distractions, no demands just a little me-time!

I thought I might struggle with this and feel "lazy" as I often do when I take a moment to slow down and instead I felt joy and rather content.

I have actually been reading a lot of materials on how doing nothing can be of such benefit to a person. It helps you recharge and prepare to take on more. It helps your body get stronger as you take the time to rest. While I could continue to babble on and on about the benefits, the real trick is to discover and feel it for yourself. I dare you! Go do nothing for 5-minutes, 30-minutes, the whole day, a week - go crazy and just enjoy listening to your own breath and feeling alive in the sheer act of doing nothing!

I knew my peace wouldn't last forever as I was interrupted by other's needs - which I don't mind at all. I am happy to help where and when I can! Once I found I had some more free time, I decided to make my own brown rice flour!

I seriously took a bunch of brown rice, dumped it into the Vitamix and then BAM - flour!

Since I went through all that hard work (teheheh) I decided to get even more creative and I made healthy rice flour zucchini banana muffins! The family was a tad nervous to eat them but once they did, they admitted that for being gluten free, they really aren't that bad!

Lesson learned - stop worrying about everything and just enjoy every moment of every day!


  1. Love that phrase "pretty good for gluten free". It's like you look good "for your age". Hahaha. Go you!


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