GFAFExpo Secaucus, NJ Review

Gluten Free AND Allergy Free Expo....Yes please!

Due to family events and life in general, I was unable to attend the GFAG Expo for the past couple of years so I was really really looking forward to this year's Expo.

My family was coming along for some support and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous as to what they would think and if they would find themselves bored and unsatisfied, but I was over it quickly and said, Happy Early Birthday to myself!

Some of the major sponsors for the event were Glutino and Udi's. While these are NOT my favorite gluten free brands, as they do contain some ingredients that I try to avoid for a daily consumption, I have to take my hat off and commend both companies for sponsoring and making events such as this happen! With that said, I went out of my way to visit their booths, try their products and engaging with their representatives.

Some new products:
-Gluten Free Delights - these remind me of hotpockets - not as good as I had dreamed, but heck, if you are craving some old-time comfort food, these will do the trick!

-Perfectly Free- AMAZING allergy-friendly frozen desserts! The salted caramel and vanilla is the fan favorite.

-88 Acres - gluten free AND VEGAN bars with some awesome texture and flavor to them!

Some old time favorites:
-Aleias - the Almond horns are a must!

-Veggie Fries - My family loves these adorable sneaky ways to get some additional vegetables into your day!

-The Greater Knead (formally Sweet Note Bagel) - these are 100% Nicole friendly (gluten free, soy free, vegan, corn free...) and texture and taste are approved!

Bagels are one of the hardest items to find in their gluten-free form that actually taste decent and not a solid brick, so thank you Greater Knead for accomplishing such!

The Family's favorites:
-Banza Pasta, stay tuned for their new meal kits including Mac and Cheese, Shells and Cheese, Mac and Cheese Deluxe and White Cheddar, these should hit the grocery store shelves shortly!  My fingers and toes are crossed for them to put out a vegan mac and cheese product!

-Carolina Rice - My sister was floored when she won a beans and rice packet! It is the simple things in life that seem to excite us!

According to the company's website, there are only two products that contain wheat (Chicken Rice and classic rice pilaf).

-Betty Lou's - The brother-in-law and I were the only ones who still had room in our bellies to try these babies! They Strawberry PB and J and the apricot fruit pie were the favorites! I can't believe they are both gluten free and vegan and this is the first I am hearing of them!

-SugarFlake Bakery - While their rainbow cookies were pretty awesome, but the plain cheesecake was the talk of the town! My aunt, a non-gluten free patron, is ready to purchase stock in this company! The plain cheesecake was the perfectly creamy and rich!

-Feel Good Foods - Feel Good Food's was there and showcasing their dumplings! This one of the few stands in which the family took more than one serving, with the vegetable being their favorite!

-Chebe - Garlic-Onion Breadstick Mix was the favorite!

-Against the Grain - The fiesta flatbread was hands-down the family favorite - now I'm just wishing they would have a vegan version!

-ProYo - the banana was the team favorite and vanilla was deemed to be plain after having had the banana.

My Favorites:
-Betty Lou's - honestly, I find it hard for me to really enjoy foods these days. If I like the taste, my stomach hates me for it. If my stomach likes it, I am bored and flustered with it. Betty Lou's products seem to be both kind to my stomach and enjoyable to the pallet. Knowing that the brother-in-law enjoyed these just as much as I did and because I want to share these babies with everyone, I did share my goodie bag, but now I am wishing I hadn't! :)

-Perfectly Free- AMAZING. Honestly, that is all I have to say! These perfect little-frozen balls are just the perfect snack!

-Canyon Bakehouse - 7-grain bread. The bagel bored me a bit, I think because I already had about 10 that day...but the 7-grain bread had that memorable "airy" texture that I had yet to find in gluten-free bread! The flavor was on par -and  I really enjoyed the crunchiness that the seeds provided.

I had been wanting to try this company for some time, but the expense of gluten-free products and the fact that I don't always enjoy gluten free bread,  (I find it dry, tasteless, and full of preservatives) I steered clear, but I have to say, Canyon Bakehouse, you brought your A- Game and I am sold!

The two representatives for Canyon Bakehouse were my favorite stand! They were engaging and really appeared to enjoy what they do!

-Maddalenas - This one is a stretch for me, not typically going for the dessert let alone something with dairy in it, but OMG the pumpkin cheesecake, fluffy, creamy, and just a wow-factor with flavor! Somehow my family missed this stand or I am sure it would be included on their favorites list.

-Pascha - allergy-friendly chocolate, need I say more?!

-Kevita - I have so far enjoyed the Mojita Lime Mint Coconut, Strawberry Acai Coconut, and the Meyer Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. I am having a hard time finding all of the products I want to try in my local grocery store :(.

I have a lot of tummy / digestion issues and trying all the new product at the convention, I found these babies to be my savior! I just wish they were not close to $3.00 a bottle.


  1. Hey Nicole - Elexis here on behalf of ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurts. I believe you met my teammate Heather at GFAF. We'd love to send you some samples of ProYo to enjoy with your family (they're good for even the non-GF foodies). If you're interested, we'd be delighted to work together on a review, too, for your blog. Feel free to reach back out to me at


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