Pomegranate Juice

What the doctor orders, the doctor gets! This time around, she ordered to drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily.

My initial thought was, lady, do you know how expensive good pure pomegranate juice is?

I moved past the thought of money and directly to okay - how can I make this work?

Good thing I have an awesome connection at the Farmer's Market and was able to snag an entire case of Pomegranates for $15.00.

Now for the work. I did a lot of research on what is the easiest way to open, de-seed, and juice these babies. Everyone was saying to place the seeds into a blender with a bit of water and pulse until the seeds have become loose. Honestly, this seemed like way too much work for dad and I after we just spent a good 90-minutes de-seedings this annoying little flying seeds! Poor mom watched up mess up her living room because you know, the living room is a practical place to set up a card table, old tablecloth and a large bucket to start this project. They always liked red on the walls, right?

Anyhow, with dad's brain in action - he dug out a food mill and started pushing the seeds through - Hey, it worked and it was a heck of a lot easier than what the web was suggesting!

Now I enjoy the juice (some I froze for later) every day, sometimes mixed with fresh concord grape juice!

While I was at it, I decided to make some dried pineapple - because well, we only have close to 20 sitting around. Thank you Farmer's Market guy!

Benefits of drinking Pomegranate Juice:
Contain a natural aromatase inhibitor, meaning they reduce your risk for breast cancer
Blood-pressure stabilizer
Has been known to increase your fertility
Reduces arthritis and joint pain
High in Omega 5 polyunsaturated fatty acid - meaning it is great for cell regeneration
Maintains blood sugar levels
Helps treat diarrhea
Boost your immunity
Helps fight cavities
Induces hunger and controls thirst
Soothes urinary tract infections
High in fiber
High in iron
Helps with cartridge regeneration
Reduces scars
Improves your skin texture


  1. Wish I was as motivated as you to do this type of thing. Did you do the pineapple and if so, how?

  2. Maureen, I did! I just cut the skin off the pineapple and then sliced a split on all fours (making the flower like shape) then I tossed in the oven (should have used parchment paper) and at about 275 for 8 hours. Every couple of hours I flipped them but that was about it.


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