My Love for Vegan and Gluten Free Fall Foods

I know I have been astray for a bit - life is busy busy this time or year with family birthdays, events, and just getting ready for my year-end responsibilities at work. 

Here is what I have been eating. 
Lots and lots of squash! My favorite is without a doubt, Kabocha Squash! I will steam them whole, eat them whole (skin and all) add a little cinnamon of mustard and boom - I am very happy! 

I really need to find a use for some of the already steamed seeds - not sure they would work for replanting and I am pretty sure they would loose some of their value / taste if I then attempted to roast them.....

I have been making some cilantro kabocha kitchari as well - it is likely one of my favorite varieties, it really adds that buttery-like taste to it!

Adding to the squash list, I have been enjoying the spaghetti squash variety. I have been dry roasting them in the oven with some ginger and garlic and then adding in some vegetable broth that I made out of left-over scraps of purple bok choy, seaweed, garlic, ginger, tumeric, and corriander. 
I used the same broth as I had for the spaghetti squash (add a bit more seaweed) and created a baby haruki turnip sauce - DELICIOUS! 

I have also been enjoyed steamed purple potatoes! These are truly a treat for me - I don't normally eat anything outside of sweet potatoes, and even those have been placed on a restriction for me - and purple potates are hard to come by and when you do, they cost you an arm and two legs! Again, steamed and served with some salsa and I'm a happy gal!
Sometimes it is the simple meals / food preparations that cause me the most joy!
What have you been enjoying this fall season?


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