ProYo Frozen Probiotic Yogurts

In attending the GFAF Expo this year, this was on of my family's favorites.

Flavors are as follows:
1. banana
2. vanilla
3. berry
4. chocolate

Keep in mind, I don't do a whole lot of dairy on my own - but an occasional treat doesn't kill me.

The family LOVED the banana flavor so much, they asked me to try and work some blogger magic to get some additional samples - which of course, the crew from ProYo was more than happy to share their products with anyone who was interested.

At the show, we only tried the banana and vanilla. Banana was loved, the vanilla was considered a bit bland after having the banana.

I was thrilled to review the additional flavors (berry and chocolate).
The company ships with dry ice so they schedule all shipments. I scheduled for my sampling to arrive on a Thursday and worked from home that day so that I could tear into it as soon as possible. "Fat Kid Loving Her "Cake"".

When the box arrived, I was a bit disappointed because the most loved, banana - well the box was in pieces as if someone had already rummaged through it.... :(

The vanilla was dispersed to others to try. Everyone enjoyed it but mentioned they were looking for more of a french vanilla taste - which was lacking here.

The banana remained a favorite and essentially fought over!

The berry was noted as a bit too sweet but packed full of flavor.

The chocolate rich but just the perfect amount of richness. It definitely carbs your chocolate craving in a healthy way!

ProYo is full of protein, probiotics, GMO free, Soy-Free and chalked full of fiber!

My vote, if you can handle dairy this is a great snack packed full of healthy nutrients with a great taste disguised as dessert!

Need to get your ProYo Fix in - Here is where you can find them in a store near you!


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