Happy Holidays!

Everyone spends their holidays in different ways, but the important part is that we take the time to do something for others, ourselves, and to reflect on how we can do better for the coming year. 

While my family is a crazy loud Italian family, I love them with my entire heart, soul, body, mind.....
They may not always get along, they may be embarrassing at times, they may anger me at times - BUT I do love them and the holidays wouldn't be a success without them and their screaming. 

This year, I got a bit crafty ( I AM NEVER CRAFTY) but I knew they would appreciate it. So out came the crafts and my Pinterest account :)
I made table settings,

Decorated Mason Jars

Shower Bombs

Clementine Wreathes 

Oh, and my Nana's Favorite - rice pudding. Mom's traditional recipe is not the creamy rice pudding that I notice Nana always reaches for. After some research, dad and I were ready to mix and match recipes and see what we would come up with. We ended up tripling the below recipe.

 1 1/2 cups cooked basmati rice
2 cups milk
Sprinkle of salt
A couple of handfuls of golden raisins
1 egg (we used two duck eggs)
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Sprinkle of cinnamon 

1. We cooked the rice in a rice cooker. 
2. Transfer the rice to the stove top with 1 1/2 (*2) cups milk and sprinkle of salt
3. We cooked until creamy about 15 minutes
4. We stirred in the remaining milk and added the golden raisins (keep in mind, they will plump up). 
5. We added the beaten eggs and white sugar - cooked for about 2 more minutes
6. Removed the saucepan from the heat and added in cinnamon, butter, and vanilla.

IT SMELLED SO GOOD and was extra creamy! 


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