Indeblue, Philadelphia Gluten Free and Vegetarian Friendly

After having had such a wonderful experience at Desi Village and experiencing the true wonders of the Indian cuisine during our work team's Diwali event - I have been trying to emerge myself more and more into the Indian options around the Philadelphia area.

I came across Craig LaBan's review of Indeblue and immediately became intrigued. I ran to their website to see that they clearly mark their gluten-free and vegetarian options on menu.

I did some reviews and it appears most people enjoy the meat dishes and their most reviewed appetizer, or starter dish would be the crispy spinach chaat salad.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed into a warm and cozy atmosphere - which was much appreciated after the short chilly, the smell of snow coming, walk from the parking garage. We were seated towards the back and while it was tight and a bit loud - somehow it worked and provided that cozy-like feeling that was needed for a family reunion.

While I was a bit late, the remainder of the table was ready to order and boarding that hangry stage. When it came to my turn to order, I just let the server know what my food preferences and allergies are and asked that they just bring something out.

I was getting towards the starving part and eager to see what was coming my way.

The chef sent out a complimentary Crispy Spinach Chatt for our table to share. The little pillow like spinach "flakes"  drizzled with a mixture of housemade chutneys and yogurt dressing, topped with fresh tomatoes and a fried chickpea. This dish was LOVED. Honestly, the combination of flavor profiles is just exquisite. Prior to arriving and doing my menu research, I have to say, the photos of the spinach chatt just do NOT do it justice! If you are visiting Indeblue, you must order this dish!

For my main entree, I was served a chana saag. Chana saag is a combinate of mildly spiced chickpeas, baby spinach, pomegranate juice and tomatoes all cooked together and served with a side of saffron basmati rice.

First things first, basmati, rice my favorite rice variety! Indeblue did an excellent job preparing the rice in just the right way. The saffron added a little that addicting aspect where you just couldn't stop coming back for more!

The Chana saag was hearty, well-portioned, flavorful, and more of the more reasonably priced dishes.

I was also blessed with the option to try a gluten-free version of their naan made from chickpeas.

The bread was okay - to me a bit of a gooey texture and became cold rather quickly. When devoured warm, it was more enjoyable than chilled.

The remainder of our party went with the chicken madras, goan paella with booni raita and pork vindallo. All were devoured and enjoyed! The only negative feedback was that the goan paella was a bit too salty - and a tad dry but the flavor was enjoyed.


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