Hot Apple Cider

Growing up, my parents would make a LARGE batch of locally warmed apple cider for every occasion - birthday's, Halloween, Thanksgiving and so on. I remember always looking forward to this special treat and find that I certain herbs recall this memory for me.

While I found a gallon of unused apple cider in my parent's fridge, I quickly grabbed it and started creating my own version.

1. 2 Mug fulls of apple cider
2. A sprinkle of cloves
3. Couple pieces of cinnamon sticks
4. A sprinkle of nutmeg
5. Star Anise pod
6. A piece of ginger
7. A tangerine (or two)
8. Some fresh cranberries

I added the cider into a stock pan, sprinkled in the nutmeg and then added the remaining ingredients into a tea ball and dropped it in. I allowed the mixture to slowly roast at minimum 30 minutes and then about 5 minutes before I was ready to consume, I added in the cranberries, covered and allowed the cranberries to pop open.


Besides it being a cup of delicious memories (or perhaps even better than the thing I remember) there are a number of health benefits to drinking spiced apple cider. It is a great digestive aid and very soathing to ones' digestive tract. And we all know what time of year it is........ flue season....drink some spiced apple cider to help wared off any signs on the flu!


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