Star Anise & Turmeric Basmati Rice

Somedays you just don't give a damn about making dinner. You don't want to be bothered with standing over a stove or chopping and prepping vegetables or watching a pot of water to boil. I mean, it happens. We ALL have those days. Society wears us down.

We try to be "fit" and healthy so we get up at the crack of dawn to sneak in a workout. Then it's rushing through the gym shower and off to a busy day at work. When you finally get a moment to look up - you notice it is way past the time you wanted to leave the office. You quickly toss everything into your bag, telling yourself you will finish work later tonight. Leaving later than you wanted to, you are now stuck in traffic. Yippie! Finally, you have reached home, had to fight for parking and deal with the idiots that do not know how to park. In the house we go, now time to put todays' items away and pack up for yet another very early morning tomorrow.

In hopes to keep up with your routine, it is time for a daily oil massage (I have been using coconut oil with a touch of essential oils, jasmine, orange, tea tree...) then off to shower, breath work, and finally dinner time.

Blah! I'm not in the mood for anything I have in my fridge or cupboards - what's a gal to do? I despise calling for delivery because I have no idea what the heck is in their food, how it will effect me, and because it is EXPENSIVE!

I'm really not in the mood for a sink full of dishes.... hmmm thinking, searching.... and BOOM! A thought, I am going to use the rice cooker and just toss most everything into it and walk away!

I sprinkle in some turmeric, a couple star anise pods, and ginger. I add the water. Toss in the rice, plug that baby in and start prepping my protein aspect of the dish.

I had some tahini left, so I decided I would be super lazy and add in some dried fruit (I had white raisins and figs on hand) some fresh spring onions, sage and drizzle some tahini.

I quickly added the dried fruit to the rice cooker and waited until the light switched to warming-status.

I scooped out the rice, drizzled some tahini, honey, and fresh spring onions. YUM and just wanted I needed for a lazy dinner night.

Sorry for the crappy, dark, and not totally finished meal - I told you I was feeling lazy :)


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