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Letting Go

While the past couple of years have brought us some mild winters, this year, well, this year has been a gift to some and curse to others. 
Here we are in Central Pennsylvania and at the end of February, we have yet to have an actual snow storm. The evenings have been mild and the day winds to a minimum. 
We have had but one "snow-fall" where we awoke to a tiny bit of snow on the ground and then later in the day it changed to rain and thunder. By dusk, the snow had disappeared as if it had never come to visit us. 
While many are enjoying the lack of winter weather, some are still hopeful for at least one good snow storm. 
I was born in a small town of New York where winters came as early as late September and the snow accumulated well past the Easter season. The first snow of the season was ceremonially christened with our traditional hot cocoa, marshmallows (holiday-oriented of course, I mean, you all remember these right? -They had pumpkins, Santas, Easter Bunnies, etc.) and…

Returning to the Juice Merchant

I've been a little off-grid and actually had forgotten I had been to The Juice Merchant once before.

I was reminded of the cute little shop during the annual Mardi Gras Mummers Parade in Manayunk, PA.

Here we are in mid-to-end of February and the weather is peaking at closer to 60 and sunny here is PA! What better way to enjoy the beautiful gift than with some fresh pressed juice!

Planning a lunch meeting up on Sunday, a couple of options had been discussed, but the weather really moved everyone's vote to The Juice Merchant.

We walked into a confetti-filled floor (just a simple reminder of some of the glorious Mardi Gras festivities from the day before), hustle and bustle of students studying and the drums of the employees moving at the speed of light to keep up with the current demand.

Honestly, it was a magically beautiful day that their food specials just didn't even stand a chance. It was straight to a fresh pressed juice and a whip of some sort.

My lunch date went with…

Gluten Free Vegan 2 Ingredient Brownies

2 Ingredient Healthy Brownies

3 Bananas1/4 cup Carob Powder Simply cut up and mash the bananas. I actually tossed the banana coins into the microwave for a bit to soften them and make the mash a bit easier. 
Once mashed, I mixed in the Carob powder. 
Place in the over at 350 for about 20 minutes.  The center may possibly still look a bit undercooked, but so long as the sides are firming up - you are good to go. 
Set in the fridge to continue to firm up - I would say an hour or two is all that is needed. 
These turned out fabulous! 
Next time, I will add in some coconut and almonds!

Gluten Free and Vegan Cheesy Spaghetti Squash

Using my latest creation for my pumpkin vegan cheese - I followed everything to a "t" except, I used another winter squash variation.

I found that it did not settle the way the original recipe did.

Not sure why, but I am sure I will do some more experimenting.

Not wanting to waste, I figured, cheese sauce it is.

I plain roasted some spaghetti squash. Tossed a bed of fresh arugula down and coated it with my "cheese" sauce.

It was evident that it did not give that melty-cheese-like consistency I was hopeful for, but the flavor was enjoyable!

Just remember- experimenting is the only way to an answer a question you didn't once know. :)

Life's Reflections

2017 has brought with it a lot of new beginnings. For some, it is hard getting past the fact that something you have grown used to, comfortable with,  or even hard-coded into your daily routine is closing so that another new opportunity may shine in its place.

"When one door closes, another one opens"
18 months ago, I may have been one of those people struggling with change. I would have become overwhelmed in changing my routine, I would have had panic attacks and I may have even run home and cried. It was a point in time for me when I was extremely vulnerable and lost. I had somehow allowed myself to succumb to others negativity and my health was, well declining. I had sat my parents and sisters down and opened up to them about my health and that I truly didn't know that my body would keep up with what I had in store for it. I still dreamt of being the "boss-lady", getting married, having a family, traveling the world, and simply put.... experiencing life! 
I wa…