Returning to the Juice Merchant

I've been a little off-grid and actually had forgotten I had been to The Juice Merchant once before.

I was reminded of the cute little shop during the annual Mardi Gras Mummers Parade in Manayunk, PA.

Here we are in mid-to-end of February and the weather is peaking at closer to 60 and sunny here is PA! What better way to enjoy the beautiful gift than with some fresh pressed juice!

Planning a lunch meeting up on Sunday, a couple of options had been discussed, but the weather really moved everyone's vote to The Juice Merchant.

We walked into a confetti-filled floor (just a simple reminder of some of the glorious Mardi Gras festivities from the day before), hustle and bustle of students studying and the drums of the employees moving at the speed of light to keep up with the current demand.

Honestly, it was a magically beautiful day that their food specials just didn't even stand a chance. It was straight to a fresh pressed juice and a whip of some sort.

My lunch date went with the, what he refers to as the most popular item on the menu (later confirmed by The Juice Merchant employees as false accusations ;) ), Banana Rama Whip. The cafe was currently out of their granola topping and subbed some slivered almonds instead.

He seemed rather fascinated with the fact that you can turn fruit into such an enjoyable dessert-like dish! He also enjoyed the Twisted Apple Juice.

I went with the Acai Superfood whip (minus the toppings and substituted fresh orange juice for the milk).

Here is where I am reminded of the past visit - why is the Whip not consistent in delivery? Mine was served with a number of large ice cube chunks and not the smooth clean whips that I am used to preparing for myself. Perhaps it is the machines they use and the Vitamix really is a key component, or perhaps it is that the employees were busy and just trying to keep things moving - I'm not sure..but heck, it was a nice cool treat on a gorgeous day with great company.

I couldn't help but go with the Beet It fresh pressed juice. Beets, carrots, turmeric, pineapple, ginger - oh my!

Now, this was amazing and most definitely satisfied my need for a cool refreshment!


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