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Em J's Cafe, Berwyn, PA Gluten Free and Vegetarian Friendly

I suppose I have known about Em J's in Berwyn, PA for some time now. I was always intrigued that they offered gluten free on their menu - including pancakes, waffles, bread, muffins, etc. but always worried about the potential contamination and their mixed reviews.

Some online reviewers would say, ...Em J's passed with flying colors - great food, service, and price!
Others would say, eh food was okay, the service stunk and price is not worth it.

Still, Em J's stuck in the back of my mind and when my sister suggested an all day breakfast place on a Saturday afternoon, I only knew of two Em J's and Nudy's and I knew without a doubt that Nudy's Cafe would be packed - so voted for Em J's.

It was a bit further than I had anticipated but parking was readily available and it was a straight drive down 30.

The owner himself greeted us upon arrival and helped squeeze two tables together for our 6 top.

We were placed right at the door on a very windy and cold winter da…

Green Soul Vegan & Gluten Free Friendly

We have all heard my rants and raves about companies make accommodations for us allergy-free folks, and we are well aware that these accommodations are less expensive than their menu items, and yet they still up-charge us! 
In this case, I ran into the complete opposite issue and I was shocked and thrilled!
I called Green Soul, in Chestnut Hill, PA earlier in the day and explained some of my issues or concerns. The employee on staff noted that she would leave a note for the later shift and that I would have no problems upon arrival. 
I thought I was in for it because there was no note to be found. I started rediscussing what I was looking for and some of my concerns (Contamination, glute-free....) and the manager on staff, without hesitation, removed his gloves, washed his hands and started creating a simple steamed vegetable dish for me. It was he that brought my dish directly out to me when it was ready. 
The vegetables were served warm - which, I know this sounds simple, but most re…

The Rachel Way - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Food Pantry

The Rachel Way is a gluten and dairy free food pantry in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area.

The pantry was established and is run solely by Heather, her family, and volunteers - and was established in 2014 after their daughter Rachel was diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant.

This pantry is an opportunity for the family to give back to others in need - because, let us be honest, not only is the diet change a bit overwhelming at first, it can also be costly. A loaf of gluten and dairy free bread can cost upwards of $6.00+. Peanut Butter and Jelly no longer looks so affordable!

While we all get caught up in ourselves and our own needs, it is always good to take a step back and remember that while we may not have a lot of extras, there are others that having even less and we need to share what we can.

I joined the board of The Rachel Way earlier this year and have taken an initiative to try and purchase an extra item or two when I am out shopping - I have been collecting for a little bit an…

Fiorino, East Falls Exclusive Cooking Class

Fiorino, in East Falls, PA is Franco Faggi's little baby. It is essentially a hole in the wall -tucked into the corner of Indian Queen Lane - to me, it resembles an older, more rustic home turned restaurant.

The restaurants strives for three turnovers per night and seats just under 25 comfortably. I am told reservations are a must, and at times, can be difficult to get.

Even more exclusive are Franco's BYOB cooking classes. The cooking classes are offered but only 5 times a year and maxes at 12 participants. The cost you ask? Just 10.00 per participant! No need to tell you how difficult it is to land a spot in Franco's cooking classes!

Well, I was lucky enough to land a spot and decided to roll with it, without even being aware if he could accommodate gluten free ( I do strive to be on the vegan side as well, but I can make acceptions from time to time).

When we got closer to the day - I called and spoke directly with Franco, he confirmed no problem at all - he would make a…