Fiorino, East Falls Exclusive Cooking Class

Fiorino, in East Falls, PA is Franco Faggi's little baby. It is essentially a hole in the wall -tucked into the corner of Indian Queen Lane - to me, it resembles an older, more rustic home turned restaurant.

The restaurants strives for three turnovers per night and seats just under 25 comfortably. I am told reservations are a must, and at times, can be difficult to get.

Even more exclusive are Franco's BYOB cooking classes. The cooking classes are offered but only 5 times a year and maxes at 12 participants. The cost you ask? Just 10.00 per participant! No need to tell you how difficult it is to land a spot in Franco's cooking classes!

Well, I was lucky enough to land a spot and decided to roll with it, without even being aware if he could accommodate gluten free ( I do strive to be on the vegan side as well, but I can make acceptions from time to time).

When we got closer to the day - I called and spoke directly with Franco, he confirmed no problem at all - he would make all the necessary recommendations for a gluten-free experience.

I arrived early - I wanted to have the opportunity to walk around the area and get to know Franco one on one. Arriving around 8:30am, I had no problem with the street parking.

I walked in and Franco welcomed me! He quickly instructed me to get comfortable and serve myself the drink of choice (coffee, tea, water, etc.).

I spent a couple moments in silence before others arrived. It was beautiful. I enjoyed the sun-made rainbow on my table which was a product of the colored front windows.

As others began to trickle in, we all introduced ourselves and got ready for a morning of cooking some Italian classics!

The day's menu:
Penne alla Puttanesca
Eggplant Rollatini
Panna Cotta with fresh berries

Eggplant resting in salt
While Franco runs the show and adds in some educational details along the way (i.e. don't be afraid to use enough oil - this will help with more consistent cooking) he encourages student participant and tastings!

Franco was very attentive to gluten free needs and contamination.

Franco also ensured me that he always keeps gluten free pasta on hand so - for my gluten-free folks - fee free to visit anytime!

The kitchen is run by just Franco and two side-kicks. The front of the house is run by just two others - so the Fiorino family is a nice small family - with a passion to serve.

A quick snap-shot of Franco and I ready to start cooking!
 All in all, we started around 9:00am, had lunch around 12 noon and left around 2-2:30ish.

It was a magical day spent with someone who clearly lives a life of passion and enjoys sharing it with others!

The Final Product

This was one of the favorites


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