Green Soul Vegan & Gluten Free Friendly

We have all heard my rants and raves about companies make accommodations for us allergy-free folks, and we are well aware that these accommodations are less expensive than their menu items, and yet they still up-charge us! 

In this case, I ran into the complete opposite issue and I was shocked and thrilled!

I called Green Soul, in Chestnut Hill, PA earlier in the day and explained some of my issues or concerns. The employee on staff noted that she would leave a note for the later shift and that I would have no problems upon arrival. 

I thought I was in for it because there was no note to be found. I started rediscussing what I was looking for and some of my concerns (Contamination, glute-free....) and the manager on staff, without hesitation, removed his gloves, washed his hands and started creating a simple steamed vegetable dish for me. It was he that brought my dish directly out to me when it was ready. 

The vegetables were served warm - which, I know this sounds simple, but most restaurants making this accommodation serve cold vegetables and was exactly what I was looking for. Now, for the cost, I was prepping myself for a $10.00+ veggie bowl, but the company charged me, get this, exactly as they should! I was charged about $.50 per item for a total of a little over $3.00. 

Green Soul, thank you! Not only did you provide an outlet for a gal like me to eat, it was affordable! 

I will certainly be back! My only suggestions, perhaps keep more whole vegetables for more steamed option son the menu (i.e. whole steamed sweet potato, pumpkin, etc.). 


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