The Rachel Way - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Food Pantry

The Rachel Way is a gluten and dairy free food pantry in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area.

The pantry was established and is run solely by Heather, her family, and volunteers - and was established in 2014 after their daughter Rachel was diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant.

This pantry is an opportunity for the family to give back to others in need - because, let us be honest, not only is the diet change a bit overwhelming at first, it can also be costly. A loaf of gluten and dairy free bread can cost upwards of $6.00+. Peanut Butter and Jelly no longer looks so affordable!

While we all get caught up in ourselves and our own needs, it is always good to take a step back and remember that while we may not have a lot of extras, there are others that having even less and we need to share what we can.

I joined the board of The Rachel Way earlier this year and have taken an initiative to try and purchase an extra item or two when I am out shopping - I have been collecting for a little bit and finally decided to make the donation.

I know that others ask a lot from us, but I am going to add to that list and ask that if you have any extra food (shelf stable or produce) around - please consider donating it to someone in need, be it the Rachel Way or another food pantry!
I ask that you do NOT toss food that is "ugly" as it might still be a gem to someone else. For example, it drives me crazy to see people waste bananas because their color has changed. You can do so much with this banana:
1. Eat it
2. Freeze it
3. Bake with it
4. Heat it up with a little honey for a delicious treat.

In summary, I am just asking that we all take a moment to be a little less selfish and waste a little less.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 


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