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Gluten Free and Vegan Zoodles with Mushroom Cream Sauce

One of the more simple, yet tastiest dishes I have made in awhile.

I simply steamed some mushrooms that I had on hand and tossed in some zucchini.

Then I added my typical spices (turmeric, fennel, mustard seeds, seaweed, apple cider vinegar....) and let that simmer until tender. Then tossed it into the Vitamix, mixing until creamy.

In the meantime, I spiralized a zucchini and then mixed it all together, sprinkling some scallions ontop.


Sunset Moon and Wellness Superfoods Cafe, Bryn Mawr PA

I finally made it to Sunset Moon and Wellness Center in Bryn Mawr, PA.

I was really looking forward to it since the entire menu is gluten-free friendly and vegan!
Whoop Whoop! Thank you for offering a dedicated menu for people like me - wanting and needing to eat in a healthy manner!

BUT, just because it is healthy, I always question:

The atmosphere, is it warm and comfy - like you could sit and stay all day or is it cold and damp?The service, are the "uppity"? You know what I meanDoes the food actually taste good?Is the cost crazy??Would other nongluten-free and vegan individuals want to join me? I am slightly disappointed that they do not open to 8 am. This is 100% selfish of me, as I like to get into work early so not starting breakfast and tea time until 8 am can be a struggle for me. 

So I arranged to meet a couple friends for breakfast and we all entered the lobby area and immediately complimented that the atmosphere was very organic and welcoming.       Check on atmosp…

Vegan and Gluten Free Turmeric Honey Jackfruit Salad

When you purchase an entire fresh jackfruit, you have no other choice but to become creative!

This time around, I went with a honey-turmeric seaweed salad! Same basic ingredients I have been using (seaweed, ginger, garlic, turmeric) for most of my jackfruit concoctions, but this time around I added some local raw honey at the end.

The honey added a nice sweetness to the dish - making it a bit more warming to the soul.

Gluten Free and Vegan Easter Jackfruit Pot Pie and Avocado Zoodles

Jackfruit Pot Pie For the Stuffing Fresh jackfruit(both the white string-like pieces and the fruit flesh)Dairy-free milk (I used almond)Agar AgarTumericBlack PepperFennelCeleryGarlicCarrotsFrozen PeasGluten-free Soy SauceApple Cider VinegarSeaweedLemon JuiceWaterVegetable bouillon
For the crust 2 Plantains1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon baking powderGarlicCilantroLemon JuiceApple Cider Vinegar

Process: I soaked the fresh jackfruit in a mixture of: Vegetable bouillonDairy-free milkAgar Agar (used as a thicking agent)CeleryBlack PepperGarlicSeaweedLemon JuiceTouch of waterTumericFennel After setting overnight, I then added the carrots and begin cooking over medium heat for about 40-minutes or until carrots became soft. I added the frozen peas just in time to steam. 
I then turned the heat off, covered, and let sit while prepping the plantain crust. 
For the plantain crust, I made it simple on myself and added all ingredients to the Vitamix to blend well. 
I then scooped out my filling into my…

Vegan Jackfruit Chicken Salad (Allergy Free)

If you have not yet read about the new buzzworthy vegan meat option, here is another plug for the jackfruit.

The jackfruit, to my understanding, is in the fig tree family. The pulp is about 70% water, 20% carbs and a bit of fat and protein mixed in.

I choose to purchase the fruit itself rather than the canned variety - fresh is always better in my book!

I had no idea what I was doing! The woman at the store did let me know it would be on the sticky side, but I didn't know just how sticky!

When cutting into the jackfruit, it is coated with a sap-like consistency, thus making it necessary to cover your prep area and I also choose to wear some gloves.

I watched a couple youtube videos and off I was!

Man! This was a task, carefully cutting away the brine, peeling the white flesh, scooping out the fruit pulp and preserving the seeds (which can be boiled or steamed and consumed).
     **Please note, if you wait to cut out the fruit pulp until you are ready to consume, the flavor seems to…

Wildfoodies, Dandelion Tea

As I sit on my parent's couch, forced to watch the morning news - something I truly try to avoid. Let me explain: It is not avoided as a means ignorance to current topics, but because I truly think there is enough negativity in the world that I would like to start my mornings slow, quite, peaceful and with nature as much as possible. Thus, avoiding the news until at least after I have had a cup of tea!

Anyhow, as we sat watching the morning news and of course, a shocking new report came out with a title something like, "CAUTION: Your Shrimp is now fake". This was no surprise to me! Of course, the shrimp you purchase at a local grocery store is fake:
-It is cheaper for them to mass produce,
-You are likely addicted to the addetives (hence you purchase more and more and more)
-It looks visually more appeal and let's face it, people purchase on what their food looks like (I love ugly fruit, the poor neglected, usually discounted items are delicious).

My mother was in sho…

The Chilly Banana Food Truck and Other Gluten Free Philly Food Truck Options

Food festivals can be less than amusing for those of with food allergies. Most vendors aren't worried about catering to everyone's needs and/or they do not have the space to ensure a safe option for those with food allergies.

However, with the demand growing, I am noticing some vendors are trying their best to accommodate - I still fear the contamination possibility, but applaud them for trying to provide an option for all!

While attending the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival this past weekend, I was daring enough to try The Chilly Banana food truck. While their entire menu was not 100% gluten free, the base ingredients were and I figured this would be my safer of the options.

First time around, they were temporarily closing up (around 12:30-1:00 pm) because their machine was overheating and they needed to allow it sometime to cool down. HMMM, okay! isn't your machine suppose to crank out a mass amount of whips in the dead of the summer heat?!

Anyhow, I went on with the day an…

Cheezy Zoodles (Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Oil Free)

Like many of you, I was getting home late, was tired and had no idea what I was going to make for dinner.

I ended up doing what I do often, opening up the fridge and grabbing this and that and just rolling with it.  I noticed I had the following: Homemade Vegan Acorn Squash CheeseZucchiniDelicata Squash (one of my favorites)Golden BeetsMushroomsCeleryRed OnionGarlic (I mean, I am Italian so this is a given)Moving out of the fridge and into my cupboards, I found: TurmericFennelGingerSeaweedBlack Pepper
I decided to stir-fry most of the vegetables and to steam the squash and beets.
I took some of the zucchini and added it to the stir-fry but most of it was spiralized for pasta.

As I started to stir-fry (or essentially steam) my vegetables, I figured I would get brave and try melting my new acorn squash cheese.   
I placed two pieces of cheese on top, sealed it with a lid and walked away.

A couple minutes later (more than I anticipated, or I should say, more than I remember regular cheese ta…

Vegan and Gluten Free Acorn Squash Cheese and

I recently attended the CHOP Celiac Day (April 2017) and The Greater Knead (formally Sweet Note) was there providing us a hearty gluten-free breakfast option! I love these bagels because they are not only gluten-free but:
It is a women-owned company Kosher Soy-Free Dairy-Free Non-GMO Egg-Free Vegan Peanut and Tree Nut-Free Local They taste pretty awesome They are not as hard as a brick (you know how some gluten-free bread products are)
I went with the plain bagel and smeared it with some sunflower butter and honey! It made for a great breakfast!

I am really eager to try some of their additional flavors. Hop online and order yours or find them locally (including CVS).  Cinnamon RaisonBlueberryFrench ToastTomato Basil - I could make a mean sandwich off this!PoppySunrise SwirlUnicorn!  CHOP, thank you for putting on such an amazing event that allowed a number of newly diagnosed celiac members the opportunity to network, create a support group, and find plenty of delicious options!

Round 3 o…